please pray for my son

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by sunflowergirl, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. sunflowergirl

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    He is an "intellectual" and refuses to acknowledge God. Yesterday we were in a discussion about a subject and he said there is only one place in the bible that talked about this. I quietly got up and wrote down two other verses in the new testament and laid it on the table. When he was leaving he grabbed the paper and stuffed it in his pocket. I had also told him I read the bible on the internet now....hint hint..I know he will look it up and possibly continue reading. I love him so much but he can't see how lost he is. When I went to bed I could see the hand of God working.
  2. LindaH

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    I know you are so excited. To see that he may be opening up. That he took the paper with him is such a good sign. And he does discuss things with you.

    It also seems that you know how to talk to him without pushing. Always the best way. Pushy people so often push the people they are trying to reach further away.

    I will pray that you are able to continue witnessing to your son and that he will be an open vessel to God's word.

    Love and God bless,
  3. dash

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    I am praying for your son that the Holy Spirit will soften his heart and remove any obstacles from hearing and understanding the Word of God.

    Send other Christians across his path to minister to him.
    Let him discover that one can be intellectual and intelligent and believe in God and His power.

    God bless,
  4. hotfoot

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    Lord Jesus I lift up this young man in prayer,take off the spritual blinders from his eyes and the pride of being inntellutal rather then spritual.Give him spitual hunger and thirst and an emptness that only Christ can fill.Let him come to the end of himselve so he can look up and find our only truth the Lord Jesus.Let him know he's incomplete in his life without a Savior. If you can find a cd on the "passion"" It may be a great way to show him what salvation cost our Lord.Prayers for salvation!!Hotfoot
  5. sunflowergirl

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    I pray for others and rarely ask for something for myself but I find myself moved to tears when someone prays for me.
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    Please remember many care for you here and your reaching out to your son. I don`t know the whole story so I will only say may God allow your son to hear that still small voice speaking to his heart.You are doing well in helping him in your kind quiet loving way~I will pray for you both~ ~~~~with hope,Sib