Please pray for my son

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    My 20 yr. old, who has had chronic fatigue, has been working full time at a grocery store. Yesterday, the boss called him into his office and accused him of stealing. What had happened was that my son had refilled his soda, assuming incorrectly that if he bought a cup, it would be good past the day he had bought it. He kept the cup and used it the next day, not knowing what he did was wrong. He is a little naive. Now he's in tears because he may lose his job over this. The boss is sending this on to the main office, along with a statement from my son, and we will find out on Monday. Please pray that my son can keep his job and that trust will be restored.

    Thank you.
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    I will say a little prayer for your son. I could see my daughter doing something like this too. It seems like they could have just let him off with a warning.

    Please let us know the outcome.

    I will have him in my thoughts and prayers and pray that the boss understands an innocent misunderstanding and gives him a second chance at showing what a trusting person he truely is.

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    Praying for your son...that he is let off after a warning and that he keeps his job. Praying that he grows in all health, in wisdom and al things good and that God showers his love on him and guides and protects him all his life..and you too, his caring mother.

    God bless
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    I will let you know later on today what we find out.....I'm praying that they will forgive his mistake and let him come back to work.

    God bless,
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    but I guess it wasn't meant to be. My son had to go in today to talk to the manager, who said he could be fired or resign. Resigning at least helps him to get another job and he can still use the store as a reference....when asked why he left, the manager will say "for personal reasons." I'm still disappointed, but it could have been worse. We're thankful that he still has a chance.

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    Yes, he is heartbroken because he really enjoyed the job. Hopefully God will lead him to another job soon- he'll need it financially and emotionally. It is true that when one door shuts, another one opens......we'll keep looking and praying.