Please pray for my step daughter Leisha

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  1. lovethesun

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    She has had an ongoing battle with meth.She has for many years been in and out of treatments.She was clean for 2 years this time.Her Druggie boyfriend id in jail.My prayer is for her to stay clean and not go back to that boyfriend when she gets out.Linda
  2. MamaR

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    My heart aches for you because I truly know the pain you are feeling for your daughter now.
    I had a son that was on heroine, and it is one of the most terrified times of my life.

    They are our babies (no matter how old they are) and we want to protect them. We can only do so much, but we know that God can do more. We will bind together in prayer for this need. I am going right now and pray. I know God sees the need.

    We are here for you Linda.

  3. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    She is my husbands only biological daughter and we are hoping that this time she can remain drug free!Thanks for your prayer to strengthen her.Linda
  4. MamaR

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    She is on my prayer list. We will see a faith!

    I feel such faith on this board tonight!!

  5. tlayne

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    I am praying for Leisha. My daughter was also addicted to meth. It was three years ago ,the day after Mother's Day, that she came back to us!! Praise be to GOD! They say that meth is the devil himself. But, God has defeated the devil, he has lost!

    Lord I ask that you bring Christian friends and influence into Leisha's life. I ask Lord, where ever she goes that she hears your name. Lord I ask that your Holy Spirit brings back the bad memeories of this drugs effects, and that it comes to steal and kill, but that you Lord will give Love, healing, and life. Lord I claim Leisha as your child and that no other power can pluck her out of your hand. May your be Gloified thru her life. In Jesus' name, Amen
  6. Asatrump

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    This is the second request this week for a child and drugs. It has to be the most frightening thing. I ask the Heavenly Father to give guidance to Leisha and put her in a position to ask for help. Lord give this family strength to rise from the depths that drugs cause. I ask this in Thy name.
  7. ilovecats94

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    Sending prayers to Leisha for her meth habit. I hear it is a very hard habit to quit, though.

    Love & prayers,
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