Please pray for my work

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    Please pray that God will provide wisdom and encouragement.

    Had a review at work today. Needless to say, it wasn't good. I have been at this type of work for 26 years. I didn't get much encouragement, nobody said "good job, thanks for your effort". I was just told that my work was "as if I didn't care about the quality".
    The really sad part about it is that I try to do my best at all times and try to do a good job. I thought I used to be good at what I did and now I'm reduced to "poor quality".
    I just want to cry, but no tears will come. I want to do well, but I don't know why I can't. I feel like I'm just an old woman and I have wasted my life on a career that turned out to be futile. Where is it going to go from here but downhill. After this much time I can't just do something else - can I? I'm almost 54 years old, how much energy do I have to devote to a new career? And do I have the stamina to compete in the business world with younger and smarter children? What a joke.

    I just needed to tell someone how very disappointed I am with how this is all playing out. Yes, I have prayed about this and I know it does me no good to be sad about it. At what point do I just face the fact that my abilities to function at my current job have ended- do I wait until they decide to let me go? If I quit, I don't even get unemployment until I can find something else and what kind of reference will they give me if I wasn't doing well? Who will hire me? I wish I knew what to do. I really need the Lord to give me some direction.

    Thanks for listening and for praying.
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    I'm sorry your hurting right now, and are so uncertain about the future. 54 is not to old!! Don't give up, If this job dose come to end then we will pray that God opens a new door for you!
    He says he came to give us a hope, and a future.

    Check out Ps. 71, mine is titled, Prayer of an old man for deliverance! LOL

    For thou art my hope; O Lord God, Thou art my confidence from my youth.

    God doesn't put us aside at a certain age!

    I pray the Lord gives you wisdom and peace in this situation.
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    I am 57. I was 54 when I realized that I couldn't work at my profession as a Certified medical Assistant. This was an awful time for me, especially since I went to school later in life, (my early 40's) and I really loved my work. But it was so fast paced that I was constantly in severe pain and my brain could not function quickly enough. I was starting to make mistakes that could endanger patients.
    I tried cutting back to 3 days, then 2 days and I couldn't even manage that.

    I applied for disability and much to my amazement, I got it without even having to appeal.

    It has been a real struggle to accept that I couldn't work, but little by little the Lord has been showing me little ways that i can effect the lives of others.
    I still play the piano at my Church and have a women's Bible study at my apartment each week. Also I am trying to pray more for my family and others.

    I just thought I would tell you my experience. The Lord has provided for all of my needs. We did have to cut our expenses, and I try to be very frugal. But finally I am at peace with my situation and believe that where I am is just where God wants me to be right now.

    I will pray for you that you will make the right decisions for your life and work situation and that the Lord would guide you each step of the way.

    Sharon (MrsEd)