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    Ryan is the son of my freind Momof27 on the fibromyalgia board .....this precious lady has taken in many children to give them the love and life they deserve!!

    Her son Ryan is a mute and is unable to talk to someone unless he knows and trusts them due to being locked up for the first three years of his life......

    He has endured beatings by the teachers ( coaches ) at the school for not talking to them....

    This kind of abuse is unacceptable........and Mom and Ryan really need our prayers at this she went to a meeting at the school and they threatened to take him away......

    Mom loves her son........and she wants for him to be safe.....

    PLEASE pray for both of them and I make a special request that you ask any and all people who pray to pray so that this abuse is stopped as Ryan has suffered enough in his life and does not deserve this nor does Mom!

    Thank you all so much

  2. Asatrump

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    Prayers for Ryan and family and all who touch the little guy.
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    How terrible! I read Mom27's post too. I will definitely pray long and hard on this one.
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    pray for MOM and RYAN!!!!