please pray for SHELLIE

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    Hi ,
    i'm BLKKAT aka Mona , i have a friend and her mom is very ill and in the hospital BOWEL STUFF ( she can die ) its that bad .

    i promised id pray and also told her i knew a group of caring souls that will pray for even strangers .

    so please could you pray for SHELLIE ,Jacques mom in Washington state kent ara near seattle, group health DRS are her Dr's.

    thank you in advance, also if you could just even put your screen name if you do pray so then i can copy and give to her and her mom to show that GOD is a mighty GOD and he has FRIENDS!!!!!

    LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! Mona
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    these gave me chills of pride to know his people are there for anyone , all we have to do is ask!

    thank you JESUS

    please keep them coming AMEN>
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    thank you everyone !
    i havent talked to Jacque hopefully soon ill get some news ,ill keep you posted.

    keep the prayers please.