Please pray for Shirl

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  1. Asatrump

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    Please pray and keep Shirl in your heart. My wish is that we could all join hands and surround her in body , soul and spirit. Heavenly Father, please help her with her heavy burdens, let there be some resolution that she may go on with her life, please give her strength for her battle and solace for her soul. Keep angels guarding over her night and day.

    Please Dear Lord, put an end to her situation, and let her sleep and eat and be healed in body and spirit. She has given so much to others, let them now pray and support her.

    God, the Father, keep her safe, keep her whole. Give her the wisdom to handle each episode as it arises and let her have the weight lifted from her. Relieve her depression and release it with a happy heart . Let there be peace for her.
  2. caffey

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    Father please come into Shirl's situation and please bring resolution to these issues that have concerned her and weighed her down for so long. Lord we know that it only takes one word from You to turn everything around. Please come now and heal her body, soul and spirit. Thank you. In Jesus Name. Amen.
  3. pepper

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    Thank you for reminding us of Shirl's situation. Her situation has been desperate for such a long time. I am praying for her to be given physical strength and to be released from the horrible depression.

    Amen to your prayers and Cath's.
    Love, Pepper

    Edit: I just read Shirl's post on the Prayer Thread. I am heartsick over what is happening to her life. I think that we need to pray for her husband too. He is obviously struggling with something major in his life. This dear woman who has been such a support to everyone on this board does not deserve this.
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  4. 143alan

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    Lord I stand heart, body and soul with Asa, Caffey and Pepper and anyone else who joins in prayer for Shirl and her husband. I can't say anything more or better than they said and I stand in agreement with them in prayer.

  5. Shirl

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    I do not know how to thank you for your kind, sincere, prayers. Yes, some have been answered, but I am still in need of more prayer for tomorrow Sunday April 22.

    You have make the tears just run down my face when I first read your Godgiven prayers for me, you are so sincere, and I know the Lord loves you all so much for your kindness and unendling love for one another.

    I have posted another request on the prayer list also.

    But so wanted to thank God for all of your here too, especially Asa who is always so kind to remember me.

    Blessings to all of you............

    Shalom, Shirl
  6. bandwoman

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    This is such a heartbreaking situation that you are in and I am so sorry you are having to go through such a terrible thing when you are not feeling well.

    I prayed for you this morning that the Lord would give you clarity of mind and that he would provide a lawyer for you in a miraculous way. I imagine that your emotions include anger, fear and confusion. I pray that the Lord will give you unbelievable peace now in the midst of your storm.

    I pray that your husband will listen to reason and agree that this is over for you and him as well.

    I will continue to lift you up in the coming days.

  7. Shirl

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    My husband is Passive/Agressive. Its almost impossible to get a straight answer out of him. That goes for anyone as a meditior as well as my speaking to him. He will run out of the house before he will discuss things. Its so frustrating.

    I do have a good attorney, thanks to your many, many, prayers. But I was trying to get this done without an argument or out right fight.

    We went round and round on the 22, the supposed discussion lasted from 10am till 12 midnight! Yes, I was totally worn out from it all, and got exactly nothing sensible from him.

    He kept running out of the house, upstairs, in the woods, etc. I followed him everywhere he went and would not shut up, or let he get out of my reach trying desperately to get this thing over with.

    Not a thing was settled. No, he does not want a divorce, so I am going to simply have to take all the evidence that I do have to court, I do not want to do this, but he is giving me no choice.

    Its not going to be pretty for him, and I hate the thought of all these pictures, emails, etc. to be in the public, its going to embarress me to no end with the things he has done and I have access too, including his cell phone full of Text messages and very nasty pictures of one of those women, at least 15 on the phone, and I have over a hundred photos as well.

    I am totally sick of this whole mess. I so hope God finds a way out of this for me without having all this exposed in public court, but I can't handle much more. It will be two years in May this has been going on.

    All he does is lie, lie, and lie somemore. I threw all those pictures in his face (YES, I have a temper, a very bad one at that), literally. He actually tried to make excuses for what I am looking at! You would not believe how a Passive/agressive can lie and believe themselves.

    I so thank all of you for your prayers, I know, with all of this, God will carry me and see me through it all. I trust Him, and Him only in this terrible mess.

    Your prayers, although I can't actually see or hear what my Lord has in mind for me, but I know He is with me at all times.................He will show me the right path to take so I do not make any mistakes.

    You all are a lifeline to me with your prayers, I do not have words to thank you.

    God bless all of you............

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS, just thought I would mention, he does not hit me, its more likely that I will pounce on him :), and since he found out I do have an attorney and am adamant about a divorce, he has been the 'passive' side of his personally, very nice. Which does not fool me at all.....................

    No, for those who have prayed that he come back to the Lord, he has not..........................

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  8. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Thank you so much for your replies. I have spoken to a psychologist, and as for as they are concerned, he is not going to do anything normal, or sensible.

    In fact they knew what he did do before we had the talk (refusing the divorce). I was actually warned as to how he would react, and he did exactly like they said he would.

    My only resort now is to go to the courts and do this myself, I hate this, but it seems as though I have no choice in this anymore.

    This phycholigist thinks he is also a Border-Line Personality, which only makes things worst for everyone concerned.

    They told me he is living in a 'fantasy world' right now, and sub-consciously he knows it, but refuse to admit it even to himself.

    As for all those years we have been married, I was the anchor that keep him stable, but without me he knows he is lost, and that somewhere in his 'mind' he is going to wake up to what is fantasy, and is trying to keep me on the back burner (so to speak :), when his new craziness falls apart, and its already beginning to do just that. I will be here waiting to put the pieces back together again in his mind!

    I hope you understand that I do not know much about psychology, but am repeating what I have been told and read for myself.

    What he needs to put his 'pieces back' together again is God, not me, I am simply caught in the middle of this whole mess.

    That is one of the reasons I keep asking prayer for him to come back to the Lord, and if he really was not saved, then for him to come to the Lord NOW.

    I am not by any means judging his salvation, I am simply trying to get help for him, as well as myself in all this horrific mess by prayer, as talking to him is next to useless.

    He would not speak to a minister or a psychologist, or anyone else. He is afraid of both of the above, which I understand is quite commond with people who have these problems most of the time. Many will seek help, but not him.

    We both need prayer, him with his salvation, and me for my terrible stress under all of this.

    Again, thank you for your time and effort in trying to help, I do so appreciate it.

    Just please keep praying, that we both need desperately.

    He is not happy, just arrogant, mentally and physically sick.

    God bless lady for your prayers.

    Shalom, Shirl