Please pray for the family of Steve Irwin

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    The beloved "Crocodile Hunter" was killed Monday while filming sting rays. He was speared through the heart by a sting ray's sharp tail. Apparently the ray felt threatened by the divers and camera crew and Steve could not get out of the way. He died in route to a hospital.
    He leaves behind a wonderful legacy, I hope it will continue.
    His wife Terri will be left to care for their two children, Bindi age 8 and Robert (Bob) age 3.
    God bless Steve Irwin for educating the world about animals.
    Crikey! He was awesome!

    God bless you Steve and your family!
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    His family is in my prayers.
    My eldest was very shocked apon hearing about his death. She called him her "hero." She has a love for animals too. When she finished high school she wants to go to college to be a vetrinarian.
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    Yes SPR30 I believe he was an amazing indiviual that will be truly missed

    Thank you for posting

    His family and friends will be in our prayers