please pray for us"""""""

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    please pray my husband may have had a stroke, he goes for a cat scan tomorrow. after I was on the phone most of the day because the Ins company deny it at first,but the nurse finally got it approved.
    I"ve had little or no sleep and I am having terrible muscle spams in the back of my neck, I"M so scared I can't think straight.I feel scared all the time I just can"t get rid of this feeling,I wish I had a minister or some one to pray with me but I don"t have one right now,so please,please pray for us.tonights prayer night,and I will be praying for all" love and hugs sixtyslady
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    Dear Sixtyslady,
    I have read your posts and can feel you starting to panic. Please hold tight, we are praying for you and for your husband.

    When my mother in law was in her 60's she had several quite serious TIA's, which are mini strokes. She was hospitalized each time. A couple times her speech was very slurred too.

    She remained under a physician's care and passed away over 25 years later at the age of 86. I say this to give you encouragment that your husband will be ok. I do feel his doctor should be doing scans or whatever is needed to follow up.

    I suspect you have to start to make some noise if you feel he is not properly being attended to. Don't be intimidated by the medical office. They are merely people who have a specialty, so does the man who paves a road. Sometimes they need a gentle nudge. Sometimes they need a swift kick.

    Unfortunately it often seems that only the squeeky wheel gets the oil.... the quiet patients sit and wait and are shuffled to the rear. I hate to use the term aggressive, but you need to make them listen to you.

    I am here to offer what support I can. So are others. We all would like to be sweet old ladies, but what I am finding is the older I get the crankier I can become. I have less patience than I did years ago. I am quite capable of using my old school teacher voice~~~~~the one that means "I mean business and I mean it right now!"
    I read your bio. Is it possible one of your kids could call regarding your husband and also go with you when you see your own doctor? You must have them listed on the hippa papers at your doctors office or they can not legally speak to your family or give them any information. You can fill them out and sign them any time you are there.

    This time a year ago I was in a huge flare. It continued to get worse. It got to the point I spent all day in the recliner, unable to do anything, I was miserable. And the more miserable I was, the more health problems I developed. I was convinced I was dying. In fact I cleaned out dressers and closets.

    My son passed through town and saw the shape I was in. He took charge. Praise the Lord he did. He phoned the MD and insisted I be seen that day. He stayed in the exam room with me and HE did the talking. He told the doctor he wanted me to have an immediate chest xray to rule out a mass pressing on my shoulder, that he wanted me to have an MRI of my cervical spine, and that he wanted me on an anti depressant as he considered me clinically depressed.

    I have to tell you that was hard to hear. I was in such fog, it was almost like they were talking about somebody else, like I wasn't even there.

    The doctor had no idea who my son was, what his profession, or anything else. My son was 31, spoke firmly as if there would be no discussion . I think the doctor got scared. Perhaps he thought my son was a doctor. (he is in a medical field but not an MD)

    That day started to change things. I tried two different anti depressants that made me worse, with IBS and kicking in my ulcer. The MRI showed severe problems in cervical spine, I was sent to PT. There they nearly killed me. After 4 visits my son took me back to show the doctor and the PT what their handiwork had created. At that time I could not lift a fork, and my arm shook uncontrolably. I refused any further PT.

    At that point my MD finally put me on an anti depressant that did not bother depressants bothered my ulcer and create nausea. My doctor said this ONE would not and he guaranteed that. He prescribed a very old AD called maprotiline. I did a search here at the forum, and it had never been mentioned nor did anyone know.

    Between prayer and the anti depressant along with some family support I am far better than a year ago.

    But, dear sixtyslad, that drug has changed my life. I don't care about the 15 pounds I added from it. The first day I took it I literally slept all day. While sleeping I was relieved of pain. I thought I would not sleep that night, but I did. The second day, again I slept all day, and again that night. The third day, I literally felt like I rose from the dead myself. My pain was reduced and I felt somewhat human. My body was healing itself through sleep.

    My dark thoughts lifted. I told you this long saga because I see you are in a panic. I hope you are taking an anti depressant. It has changed my life totally.
    I wish I could reach out a hand and hold yours. Many people at the forum have been through horrendous situations but have come out the other side. I want to encourage you.... if in any way I have over stepped my bounds you please respond and I will delete this long story.
    Maybe you can think of a hymn you would like me to play in prayer for you.
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    The Lord is my strength and my salvation. Easy words to say. Hard words to live some times. I will pray for you and family. I know God answers prayers. I also know how human we all are, and God knows this also. So I'll pray as a child of God that he protect you. Children's beliefs are so simple and honest, and uncomplicated when they pray, may we as adults pray as children of God...De
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    I thought I"d write to let you know how much you have encourage me and have made me realize there is hope. thank for writing such along post to me. I know how much energy that can take. And thanks for the prayers and reminding me we are all Gods children . and to just pray from our hearts.just simple like words. like a child would ask their Father.I"m very tired and feel after reading both post I can go to bed and find peace to sleep , just giving all to our Heavenly Father. could you please offer the hymn He Touched Me. God Bless you both sixtyslady
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    I Praise God for the insurance approval..and right now am asking God to lift you up in peace about this, and remove the fear.
    I pray that you and your dear husband can find some rest tonight, and tomorrow will bring good news at the hospital when the catscan is taken.

    With my love...Mari
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    Joining in with the prayers here! Let us know how today goes. (when your up to it)
    May the Lord keep you both safe, and may His peace rest on you.

    " My peace i give too you, not as the world gives;
    Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful."

    Take Jesus's words with you today.

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    to let you know I continue to pray for you. My mind lets me pray for each post as I read it, but I try hard to concentrate on one in particular for a week. Last week I played Amazing Grace each day for Shirl.
    Sixtyslady, this week I shall concentrate on you. We need to rally when one of our own prayer warriors asks for help.
    I hope when you put your head on the pillow last night you could see the support from the people here. I am sure there are others who do not reply, but pray.
    Mother's day is coming. I am specially praying that one of your 7 children will effect you in some special way that you will realize you are important and one of God's children.
    I have picked "What A Friend We Have in Jesus" and will play that each day this week, in prayer for you.
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    (((( I prayed that God be with you, send you his Holy Spirit, comfort your family and heal you both)))


  9. MamaR

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    We are still praying and waiting for good news!

  10. sixtyslady

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    we made it to the hospital and had the catscan. of course we haven"t heard anything hope we can find something out tomorrow, thanks everyone ,I did sleep well last night, I just felt so calm after reading the post, we thank each and everyone, for your prayers and support.
    I will let you know when we find out the results.
    Hugs and Blessing from J&S.
    Jerry and Sharon
  11. MamaR

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    Praise God for answered prayers!

    I am so so happy that you rested last night. Isn't God good to us?
    He will take care of your dear faith!


    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Prayers going UP for you & husband!

    I'm glad you were able to get some sleep last night!!

    Please keep us updated.

    ((Hugs & Prayers))
  13. Asatrump

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    but will go straight away and play "He Touched Me". I know the waiting for test results is very hard. I wish I could wave a rainbow your way for distraction.
    Please keep us posted. Prayers and hymn for you and your husband.

    Sharon. Thank you for sharing your name, now as I pray I can say Sharon and Jerry. The world calls me Granny but my name is Kathleen.[This Message was Edited on 05/12/2006]