PLEASE, pray for Willow

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Pixie, Feb 16, 2002.

  1. Pixie

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    Please pray for my daughter as she is having a very bad flar, allergy reaction, she struggles every day just to get herself out of bed, then has to dress, bowel routine for her quad husband, and believe me he can be difficult, I probably would if I had a life in a wheel chair, however, this is soooo hard on her. she has a scrip for ridalen, has not taken yet, many of members talked negative about it, from what I have researched the biggest thing is, not to take it if you are taking cold, caugh, sinus meds, what about quafenisen? she is on that and her doctor knows it, any way I printed the info for the pharmy. mabe they will be able to give more info. the allergy this week was food from chinese resturant (we think) who knows, but I plan to visit them to see if they use msg or what they wash veggies with cuz Jackie F mentioned that could be a factor. I will thank you all for prayers or info that you may offer, and pray for me that I may have the strength to keep on keeping on, this may sound selfish to ask prayer for ones self,but lately I am feeling depressed or mabe just helpless is a better word, I cannot get to the point of feeling hopeless, that would be very bad for all my family, as I am a caregiver for both my daughters, my 83 yr of mom. again, Thanks to all, God bless
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    Pixie, I sure will pray for Willow. I was just thinking about her last night wandering where she's been and if she were OK. So, I gather you are her mother? Thanks for keeping us informed.
    I'll pray for you too and all of you as care taker of all.
    God bless you and please tell Willow I said hello and that I'm praying.
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    Hi Pixie, I will surely pray for Willow and all of you. I wondered why I haven't heard from her. She has so much faith and courage!

    You, my friend need prayer also. You have quite a plate full too. There is not a thing wrong with asking for prayer for yourself.

    I will put all of you on my prayer list, especially you,that the Lord will give you His strength to continue your wonderful help to your family. You need it.

    I cannot help with the meds, but you did the right thing taking it to a druggist. They know the meds so much better then the doctors do!

    You might want to email Mikie, or post to her concerning the Guri, she is on it and well informed concerning it and the meds that don't agree with guri.

    As for the MSG, that will knock me off my feet too. I am careful when it comes to Chinese foods.
    Give the resturant a call, and just ask 'nicely' if they use MSG, and what they clean their veggies with (don't let them know someone got sick! they won't tell you anything then).

    Take care, and be assure of our prayers.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Thanks for your reply, and yes Harmony Willow is my daughter, and yes Shirl she does have faith and more than most people in her situation would, wish members could meet this girl, the most wonderful person, helpful, she would give her last dollar to anyone in need, and she does, her life is so full of sadness, started when her daughter was 7 months old, husband was hurt on his job, now he is quad, she takes care of him, then a car accident brought on fms, was unable to teach school, that really bothers her, but she will tell anyone that these things happen for a reason, as a child, never a problem, now I have another daughter, which I am proud of today, but somewhat of a problem in her younger days, but just a few weeks ago I had to call for her to go to mental hospital, Bipoar, manic depressive, we (willow and I) and several doctors thought cfs, on meds for it, all wrong, meds for wrong illness, now she can function and live a normal life, she said she did not want to live, as a mother you know what I had to do. but the best thing for her, mental hospital, but with her right meds (depakote) she is doing soooo good, and said she never felt this way all her younger years, why didn't I know this? sorry got off on another long story, but thanks again for your prayers.