Please PRAY HELP My baby (PUG)/epilepsy dx-UPDATE! :(

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  1. Anyone, please, help a heartbroken/heartsick, helpless feeling 'mama'. My baby, my 6 yr old, 13 & 1/2 lb Pug, had 2 seizures, within 3 hours, about a year ago....

    we THOUGHT, my sister, who has bi-polar disorder, and does not listen well, when in certain cycles (most of the time...she just *can't* follow simple requests/pleas, it seems)
    Anyways,,,we THOUGHT, my Pug, Abby, had gotten a hold of a used, folded up (but not when we found it) nicotine patch..thus triggered seizures...from the toxicity...

    That was, like I said----9-12 months ago...and then, never again..she was fine, no liver damage, heartworm, etc...Just odd, & baffling, & terrifying.

    (after both seizures back then, she had 'mini-seizures' also, minutes later)

    NOW--yesterday...she was in the laundry room, presumably, sniffing her food bag, as is common when we're not looking, and wishing she were bigger...

    my husband and I heard the most blood-curdling yelps & cries from her, and my husband found her, almost UNDERNEATH the water heater! Having a severe seizure, frothing at the mouth, etc..

    He called the animal hospital, rushed her in, on the way, she fell in the car, floorboard, seizing again..

    The hospital again checked her heart, heartworms, liver, etc, blood sugar..all were normal, vet said "probably epilepsy" and gave her a diazepam (valium) enema, and sent hubby home with phenolbarbitol pills...and said we'd check the blood levels in 3 wks, before the 4wk refill is due..

    About 3.5-4hrs after the phenolbarbitol & diazepam, again, major sqwualing, blood curdling whimpers, and then horrible seizure...again, at 9pm, we rush her to the on-call vet,....she gets another diazepam enema, as we couldn't get her to hold still for I.V. access, (PUGS ARE STROOONG-both in WILL, & MUSCLE),...anyways...

    for the rest of the night--other than, extreme hyperactivity, paranoia, the need to sniff everything, including myself & my husband over & over....she made it through the rest of the night, without another seizure, thank god.

    The vet sent us home, after the 2nd visit, with 3 diazepam enemas, to try & stop the duration, of her seizures, 9:45 tonight, right in the middle of me posting to someone here, on the reg board, about how she'd been 'seizure-free, nearly 25 hrs" it happened...again...her back end, seems to spasm first, causing her to cry out, & try to run, but she only falls, then begins full seizure.

    The enema stopped the seizure within 20-30 seconds, thank god, as the vet said (at least until the phenolbarbitol) gets into her system, these may only get duration/frequency...

    She's sooo wound up after a seizure, & medication--the vet said she'd be worn out, & want to sleep. My pug has NEVER been the norm, though.

    She's hyper for at least 1-2hrs afterwards, needing to smell everything, and VERY demanding for food, like she's starving, after each one..

    She was so drugged last night, after her 2nd enema, & 1 phenolbarbitol....she *kept* running face first into the fence outside, we decided we'd rather her potty inside, & just clean up the mess, than have her do that over & over. (horrible to watch..)

    I've known of, friends who had dogs with seizures, I've seen them on t.v. (animal planet), and my aunt in NC's rottweiler mix 'rambo' had seizures, and was on phenolbarbitol...but, I never knew how severely my heart could be ripped out, until now..

    My pug is about 1.5 times smaller than most pugs, but 'perfectly healthy' (said the vet 2 months ago, for her knee surgery--luxating patella-another pug ailment, common).

    I have always been an animal lover, but, maybe because she's so tiny, full of personality/spirit...the fact that I'm housebound, and she's been here since 6 months into my illness...her size makes her seem sooooo fragile...

    These things(seizures) are ripping me to PIECES! She's my HEART! she and our beagle mix Katie, are me & hubby's "kids" as we have none.

    I'm praying like mad, the phenolbarbitol will hurry & get into her system SOON, and WORK......

    Every single seizure, is like total reset, everything is new to her, she gets into everything, whines, insists on food, kicks gates down, scratches at things she normally leaves alone (front of dehumidifier, etc! she tries, if not blocked off, from her food, to *BITE* the cannister open, etc)

    I'm soooo worried, sick at heart, devastated, and scared...

    epilepsy, my husband & I can handle, as long as we can get better control of it, I worry about Pug Dog Encephalitis, which KILLS, no treatment, no way to diagnose a LIVE dog, and begins with seizures/circling, then coma, then death, within days to weeks...they can only tell if it's that, through basically, autopsy, brain of deceased pugs. I cannot* find anything about possibly the common AGE that Pug Dog Encephalitis can strike, I'm hoping it's maybe more age centered, like either happens as a young pup, or not at all...

    I'm telling you all, I'm physically ILL (already was, but, nausea is constant, nervous, fearful, nausea) from this. and terrified..and she's so tough to care for & watch for the few hours after one....(when she's *supposed* to be worn out! NO WAY!)
    I wish I could find information on possibly, the *Age* PDE is most relieve my fears..

    I'll never be 'ready' to let my babydoll go, but at 6yrs old, I swear I would need a straight jacket, if I lost her. I do think she adds so much, being my constant companion through all my illness. I just can't bare this.

    Please please, pray for us all, and that abby will* be ok, with *epilepsy* that we can get under control.

    It's sooo hard to watch her walking around, crying, whimpering, and about every 2-3 minutes, she comes up, sniffs me, licks me, if nothing, and no one, is familiar anymore...but she sure remembers FOOD, and where it's kept! LOL Bless her heart..

    Please, any responses from anyone that has a dog with seizures, or knows about these, or just any ole comforting thing you could say right now, I'd soo appreciate. I'm a wreck.

    There's already so much going on, I cannot have my precious baby sick, or worse. I NEED THIS LITTLE ANGEL!

    Oct 25th my uncle, had to have his leg amputated, due to infections, after he'd had steel rod put in lower leg from he's fighting 6-8 bacterial infections, and trying to keep what's left of his leg,, from getting amputated as well. My aunt (same side of fam) found out she has an aneurysm--not an immediate threat, they say, though..

    I just can't take much/anything else more...

    God Bless Us All..


    Laura M.

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    I said a prayer for your precious Abby. She sounds SO SWEET. Is it possible she got into something while in the laundry room? Licked detergent residue or ate a dryer sheet? Or got into yard chemicals? Ate a poison spider?Dogs will eat WEIRD THINGS. My one Shar pei was poopin out yellow foam last week. (From what I don't know) And has been know to eat nastys out of the bathroom trash. (As evidenced by her poop contents weeks later)

    I just lost my shar pei Ellie, Oct. 3 and know how physically demanding taking care of a sick dog can be, and even worse, the emotional pain of seeing them SO sick. I hope she can lead a long and happy life with those who love her so much.
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  3. You know, as sick as I am, and in pain, I think honestly, an answer to THIS kind of post, means MORE to me, right now. Anything that is our HEART, just sends us overboard, especially feeling completely helpless to 'make it better'.

    My husband and I have been racking our brains on whether she could have gotten into anything, as she IS our mischievious one...we keep the detergent on top of the dryer, as well as the sheets, though they do fall in the floor...

    The vet didn't mention, or ask about toxic exsposure to anything, I guess* since her liver, & other organs have suffered no damage...but, a "parent" the guilt, just keeps your mind reeling...

    I worry to death, we have a 'mean old man' down the alley, who actually STABBED THROUGH My uncles backyard waterfall/small is TOUGH hard plastic, and no idea how he even DID it! But, he is known to be the one to do things like uncles pond...he'd complained..I think...attracted ? (birds? or insects?) that bothered 'his garden'....a couple nights later, my uncles' empty..and after much inspection, he finds, a seemingly impossible to do (especially for an elderly person!) through & through gouge.

    BUT, other than our beagle, barking at night sometimes...(we bring her in promply, when happens) our dogs are fenced in, so they don't bother that nasty old coot, 4 houses or so down, in the alley..

    I still worried, from anti-freeze, to.....anything you could think of, but, our Beagle* is ok...and...she can be the raunchiest, when it comes to.....odd "eats"...(i.e. her own, and other dog poo--ugh! started at a couple years old. darn it!)

    So, if say, the YARD, had been exsposed to weed killer, (more likely in summer, and our neighbor always asks, and uses it safely, and a safe formula, on HIS side of the fence)....

    I always throw my fentanyl patches in the BIG trash can in the kitchen, folded up, wrapped up, etc and can has a lid, never ever in any of the smaller other room cans....still, I went nuts worrying she'd gotten even a supplement, dropped sometime, on the floor.

    Hubby always hands me my meds, just as a safety so I don't take them twice, nor forget to, and they go from his hand, to, that's safe too..

    I just don't know....I'd even wondered if the dehumidifier had caused something, stirred some kind of allergen into the air, etc...

    The vet said this is *probably* 'just' epilepsy, which IS listed, among the top 3 problems for pugs...I just worry to death, that it just hit at 6yrs old.....and why she had 2 large ones, and a small one, 9-12 months ago, and then has been fine.

    I worry too, because the vet swears "she'll be tired and want to sleep" after the meds, and the seizure...and she's super-hyped instead. I think, because, everytime she has one, like doc's office said, "everything will be new to her" when she wakes up...and every single noise, after she gets diazepam, makes her perk up, be curious, etc..

    She also, honestly seems to be just saying "OH THANK GOD I'M ALIVE!" ? Her appetite, immediately following an episode, is *ravenous*, she's so confused, she gnaws on the food canister...earlier she kept kicking/sliding down the front of the dehumidifier...just disoriented, I guess.

    It always takes her about 2hrs, so far, to "calm down" and even then, she's not 'down for the count'...she'll get up to see me, or hubby.

    She's become very clingy since these...especially to hubby, who normally works 70-72hrs a week, the past 4 months or so, he's had these 4 days off, thank god...I worry when he goes back to work...she IS hard to care for, during/after her seizures, but, my sister helps care for ME, a lot, and she can be here in 5-6minutes, should we need to rush back to the vet...which, if these don't slow down, soon, is a probability. Whatever it takes to help her, though.

    Thank you so much for your prayers, for Abby, I know they come from the heart. I'm soooo sorry for your loss, & saddened.

    I haven't lost a dog since I was 14-15 yrs old, I had a "blue, silver & white" toy collie, who, survived severe* parvo at 5 months,....only to get hit by a truck, (my sister! backing out of the driveway) a couple weeks later.
    It was my dog, but, became my grandmothers heart, and she cried for weeks. Heartwrenching. My granny was an angel on earth. truly.

    Again, thank you, more than I can say, for prayers for abby, and I'm sorry for your loss. I can't imagine the heaviness in your heart/sadness, I pray I don't have to, any time soon. I pray my abbers will live a full life, even with these seizures, that we'll get them under control very soon. She *should* live 12-14 yrs. Six is definitely not enough.


    Laura M.
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    when i was a kid we had to have my doberman put to sleep because of seizures, when he came out of them he was confused and would bite which is really dangerous with a 100lb doberman and a couple of little kid. but that was 23yrs ago. now a very good friend of mine has a german shepard with a siezure disorder who medicates her dog 4time a day but the siezures are very well controlled and he only had 2-3 a year. i think she said he was about 9yrs old. there have been great advances in vetrinary medicine and if they were treating dogs like that 23yrs ago i wouldn't have lost mine to this problem.

    there are actually several different madications thay can try for abby so please don't get discourged if the first one doesn't work. my friends dogs medicine is specially made by a compounding pharmacy in wisconsin because it's not something that is mass produced. so have faith that they can help abby and i'm sending good thoughts your way.

  5. Butterfly_of_grace

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    I feel so badly and hope your pup gets better. My sister had a dog for YEARS that had Epilepsy and he too would have full blown foaming at the mouth grand mal seizures...they drugged him daily on Phenobarb but it took away his little personality and wanting to play and be a real doggy...he would just sleep and mope. After a while my sister decied it wasnt a way of life for him so she took him off. YES he did have seizures here and there but they were NOT life threatening and she would sit by his side and make sure he was safe during an episode and hold him afterwords. NO it was NOT a pretty sight and she would cry while he had one but he still lead a long wonderful life.

    In my case, My husband is an epileptic. I have seen his seizures and they are AWEFUL! AGAIN, they are scary but they wont kill him. Thank the lord they have been controlled for about 18 months now...but its still very scary. He gets full blown Grand Mal siezures.

    Anyhoo....they are scary and they are hard to watch but they are short lived and they wont kill.

    HUGS to you...sending you my best wishes.

  6. but, I will indeed, post also on worship board, and thank you all for your kindness, thoughts, prayers, shared stories, & comfort..

    I found a website, last night, for owners of dogs with epilepsy..

    I was amazed, and excited to find that (for abby's weight) 1.5mg of melatonin, up to 3 times a day, can help with her postictal (after seizure) pacing, confusion, obsessive compulsive actions, etc...can lessen the time, possibly, from hours, to 30 minutes, maybe.

    It can also prevent in some dogs, cluster seizures, if given regularly, some dogs, it, along with RESCUE REMEDY which i've JUST read about on here, like a week ago...given with all natural vanilla ice cream, afterwards can help, and regulates, but doesn't shoot the blood sugar way up, causing a crash, afterwards. just helps her feel better afterwards..

    The website, really, really helped my anxiety---even though I haven't slept for 2 days yet! :-O

    But, I found that big dogs, small dogs, younger, older, etc can be ok with ideopathic seizures...that FOOD and VACCINATIONS are among the biggest triggers..(3 diff additives/preservatives in dog food) *guilt tear*...I'd just had hubby switch to Pedigree...last week, after hearing *Beneful* was not a good food......Pedigree..has 2 of the 3 mentioned harmful/seizure triggering additives/preservatives.

    TALK ABOUT GUILT! I thought I was doing better for my babies, and instead...probably triggered her seizures. Maybe. Awfully big coincidence..

    Still, I am calmer (probably because she hasn't seized in 22 hrs-KNOCK ON WOOD! Since I seemed to have jinxed her by typing that last night..

    As they say, knowledge is power, and that reassures, and calms.....though I laid in bed, 7:30am, talking/praying to god, fiercely, I do alot, but, we REALLLLLY talked (more like, begged, pleaded, & praised God..)

    I do also sit with abby, petting her, and keeping her on a soft doggy pillow, she seizes so hard, I just keep her on something soft, and pet her, & talk, & pray to god.

    I hope these become less frequent soon. Also, I read the bad & the ugly, about phenolbarbitol...and learned she could also maybe* try Potassium bromide, or sodium bromide, which do not harm the liver..potassium bromide can cause digestive upset, but...I'm going to discuss all with the vet in 2.5wks.

    He may need her on the phenol. right now, since she "clustered" with 1 seizure, then 3 next day, then 1 last night..maybe he feels it's quicker, or stronger, & will work better.

    Either way, I can't wait to put both doggies on melatonin, & RR...(helps calm nervous, shy, anxious, aggressive, etc dogs, and our Katie dog, has major anxiety/phobias, she's a pound rescue...and I'm hoping the melatonin, and/or Rescue Remedy will just help her not be so fearful of every little noise.

    Thank you all again..I said this would be short--headed for my bath---but, I constantly ramble type..yet barely speak 5 sentences in a day! I truly have a lot *on my MIND*.....comes out better in typing, I guess.

    Thank you all, millions...


    Laura M.
  7. Cromwell

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    Have hope. One of our dogs starated having these seizures and we had her on valium. For some strange reason, it worked better at a very low dose that the vet said should really not affect her, but when we stopped this really low dose the seizures came back really badly.

    When we moved house the seizures stopped completely. We recalled the first seizure started just afater we had installed new carpet and we discovered that it was the chemicals in the carpet that were causing the seizures. We learned to keep her away from any chemicals, including freshner sprays etc.

    As she was in the laundry room I am wondering if anything in there could have caused a trigger?

    My dog lived to be very old, so although this is scary and looks terrible, the dog gets over them better than we do watching.

    Love and puppy hugs. Annie Cromwell
  8. ksp56

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    I am praying for you and your 'baby'! It is good to hear you have a 'plan of action'.

    Please give her a hug from my 'two babies' Howie, and Gracie!

    A big hug to you Laura,

  9. Luxuria

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    So sorry to hear about Abby. I have a Pug as well, Monty. He is 7 months old. They are such a wonderful little dog, so full of love.

    My parents dog Jenni (golden retriever) has been suffering seizures too, it was from her allergy medication. Turns out she was allergic to it so the vet changed her meds and added one to control the seizures. It is a very scary thing to witness, I was visiting when she had her first episode so I can relate to your fear, anxiety and worry.

    You and Abby are in my thoughts. Please let us know how she is doing. *hugs*

  10. At 3:21 AM, Abby( both doggies stayed in bed with me & hubby, watching movies..hubby works late hours, so we keep the schedule, *mostly* on weekends too, for now)--abby went into a full (grand mal) seizure, again...I'd hoped the phenolbarbitol was going to work...Thursday, 1 seizure, and must have been mild, I only woke, to her 'post-ictal' (after seizure) abnormal behaviours...

    Friday, she had the 3 seizures, and after the 2nd trip to the animal hospital, the on-call doc, sent us home with the diazepam enemas, to administer during a seizure, and hopefully stop it sooner, prevent further ones, and calm* her post-ictal pacing...

    Saturday, she had 1 seizure, 9:45pm, and within 20 seconds of the diazepam, it stopped..then she got her phenolbarbitol, and made it through the night OK.

    Sunday-no seizures, throughout the day----3:21AM she sat up in bed, her neck turned, "looking" at my hubby...then we realized, she hadn't turned her neck, she was beginning to seize...she fell into a seizure again...though, a *little* less violent, than saturdays & previous ones..she didn't cry out horribly, she just moved her hind end around, as if trying to get away from an invisible tormentor...the diazepam worked again..but, she stayed in horrible post-seizure pacing, whimpering, (wet the floor), repetitive sniffing, pacing, running into walls, she seemed to stay partially blind as well as partially deaf, possibly.

    I'd call her name several times, and she'd look completely opposite, at the wall, up the wall...and she keeps getting behind a door (bedroom, bathroom, etc) then can't figure out how to turn back around, and walk away..

    Then, at 11:30am-12pm She & Katie were outside 'pottying', when she came in, I told hubby, she's had another seizure, as she was beginning to pace, frantically, and not responding well to her name.. The behaviour got worse, instead of better-

    So, Hubby called the vet around 1:25, and while he was on the phone, she again, fell into a seizure, but, not the fully violent, foaming at the mouth, grand mal...but, required diazepam enema, again, to stop it.

    The vet had her come in at 2, and while hubby was waiting (over an hr & a half, half the staff is out with flu!) she had another 'mild' seizure...

    The vet has doubled her phenolbarbitol, added potassium bromide, and sent hubby home with 3 more diazepam enemas, and wants us to call tomarrow..

    **NOW** the more worrisome news..First, the vet looked hubbby in the eye, and said "THIS, is not normal, (so many seizures, in so little time,)" even with epilepsy/cluster seizures..

    He took an X-ray of her heart, to see if heart problems could be causing these....and, admitted, he doesn't KNOW what the X-ray means.....It's being sent off to a specialist to read it...

    He said he's "not sure" if her heart may be enlarged, or if "this" was normal for Pugs. He said, the heart should take up 3-3.5 'rib spaces' and hers is at 4...he said he just doesn't know enough specifically about pugs/anatomy, to say whether it's enlarged, or could be normal.

    Also, he said, her trachea showed up on the X-ray, and there is an area that gets very narrow, it's normal, then narrow, then widens out again...

    He gave us no ideas of what to expect, or prognosis' "If" the heart's enlarged, or even said whether or not surgery is warranted/doable for her trachea..

    So, hubby left there, with the diazepam, a lot less richer(couldn't care less about the $$$, OR the lack OF, should she NEED surgery...)and telling us to call tomarrow, to let him know how she's done tonight...He gave her thiamine, dexa/B12, B complex, and a couple others, via shot, "for her brain"....he had said, he didn't think it was Pug Dog Encephalitis...but, gave her some brain vitamins, just to help...doubled phenol...added potassium bromide...and, now, he really doesn't KNOW what to tell us,

    except that "we should know more hopefully, by the end of this week"

    I'm heartbroken, still not sleeping, hubby bought me about 5 kinds of tea, and made me drink 1 cup of tazo- calm, and 1 of sleepytime extra, and is worried about my health, from not sleeping, having just been in the ER last week, for nausea/vomiting, & some other fun stuff..

    But, my *"CHILD"* is SICK.

    And, with the more bad news today, and no answers, (for a week, maybe), and also, the fact that it is 10pm, and my pug is STILL pacing...and her last seizure was around 2-3 at the vets office...I'm out of my mind!

    It took 1hr 40 min to calm down last night, after the seizure (3am one), but, THIS--7-8HOURS of pacing, incoordination, confusion, not knowing her name still, fully, circling, etc...worries me to death. I'm terrified this IS from the brain, some kind of damage.

    We asked, because we'd switched food, DAYS before she had her seizure thursday..if that did it...the food had 2 out of 3 known seizure triggers in it (AND IT'S PEDIGREE!??)

    The vet said he doubted it, (and, our beagle's certainly fine, but, if abby was already set up to have em???) even though he *doubted* it...he gave us a bag of science diet, at the office, to feed her.

    Hubby bought IAMS for our beagle...not knowing what's going on, we just don't need TWO doggies with epilepsy.'s 10:21, and about an hr & a half, ago, I gave both dogs 4 drops of Rescue Remedy, and 1.5mg melatonin, (per vet articles, on the net--many many articles), and abby is now laying on my bunched up Cuddle-Ewe laying down. She still gets up, groggily, wandering, but, is starting* to need rest, thank goodness. Four seizures, and tons of anti-seizure medication, one would think she'd be comatosed by now...Hubby said she's still partially deaf & blind, he called her, she looks all over the place. She finds us by smell..right in front of her nose, though,.

    This is all just so devastating, and scary.

    For the time being, I'm at least glad she isn't pacing *frantically* because, she just bounces off every table, door, nightstand, etc.

    Please, please, please, pray for Abby/us. Our beagle mix is so confused by all this, she is nervous, and growling at abby, when abby confusingly sniffs her over & over. I am just at a complete loss right now. Out of my mind. Sick at heart.

    I will update when I can. I wanted to put this on the worship board...but can't even think, how to cut & paste. I couldn't even figure out the tea box, earlier. Hubby made it.

    Love you all, & thanks.

    Laura M.
  11. atiledsner

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    your request. i know how heart renching this is. I had a puppy with a spinal injury, he jumped out of a truck.

    Vet wanted to put him down, i said no way, I've seen to mant miracles in my life to accept this.

    I got my miracle and I prayed for one for you and abby.

    The dog I was told that would never walk, run or jump did all these things within a year. LOL and hugs.
  12. lptopcat

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    to hear your baby is having seizures. They are awful!!. I had a golden retriever who started having seizures 2-3 time years when she was 7 yr old. Started having more, so ver put her on pheno, which woked well, seizures were down to 1-2 year, if any.

    She lived till age 11. Developed bone cancer so I has to put her down after 2 surgeries and no chance of good outcome. Put he down mar, 2006. Still heartbroken and missing her.

    I will pray for you and "abby" tonight.

    Blessings and (((hugs)))

  13. Hawkeye

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    Laura I am so sorry to hear about your baby being sick. The seizures are so scary and you feel so helpless watching them. I had a dog who had epilepsy and I helped her through many seizures and I ended up not putting her on meds because once they start they have to always be on them and I worried what would happen if she ever got lose and ran away and had to suffer. That was my choice but obviously her seizures were not daily or anything or I would have done the meds. With my baby I would just talk very softly and gently to her, stroke her and lay her on her side throught the seizure and that would help shorten them and help her to remain calm through it. I found if there was any noise in the background or if I panicked she would respond much worse....anyway I don't know if that helps or not but that is what worked for us.

    I will pray that she gets better and it isn't caused by anything bad.

  14. I apologize, I'm just too sick, & in pain to type it all out tonight...

    BUT, we are still waiting to hear on Abbys heart X-ray, and what/if anything needs or can be done about her narrowed trachea..

    GOOD NEWS, is..very slowly, day by day (particularly the last 2 days) Abby, is slowly showing bits & pieces of her 'old' self. I don't imagine she'll ever get to 100% abby, (because the phenobarb & potassium bromide, cause problems in themselves) but, we'll settle for close..

    She's following Katies lead (our beagle/dachshund mix)'s lead, in barking now, when people arrive at the door, sometimes even barking first...and getting around pretty well now, But, still can't see great..she's very very* clingy to hubby for some reason (always been "my baby", and Katie, his..) but, that may be the confusion, just a change in her personality, or because "daddy" has been the one to take her to the vets each time, due to me being so ill, lately,

    Even though she got painful shots, etc at the vets each time, "daddy" was there to hold her afterwards, so, that could be it...or just that she's missing him so much from him working long hours, and is fragile right now, & needs us both, and since I'm always here, when he's home (mornings, weekends, etc) she clings tight.

    I'm thrilled*** that she is finally *sleeping* more like a Puggy does, (3/4 of the day, not uncommon, lol :) she sleeps through the night now, finally (I had TWO early morning breakdowns, of just sobbing! after being up day and night for 4-5 days, it'd hit at 4,5, 7 AM, when she was pacing, & whimpering, and totally incosolable..(sp)

    She still whimpers a bit, and gets confused, bumps into things, but, like I said, she's still fairly blind, I pray that passes, but even if not, we'll get through, I'm just thrilled that she is resting tons now, attacking her squeaky toys, her 'sister' katies ear, & not pacing & whimpering *continuously*.

    We're still plenty worried about her, but, we have so much more peace, right now, since her 'old' self, is imerging, slowly, but seemingly consistantly, just here lately, and also that she's now 5+ days seizure free. It's much easier to rest (though I still cannot* seem to get enough, I feel like I need to sleep for a MONTH!) when abby doesn't seem SO frightened, inconsolable, in pain, etc....when we're not trying to GUESS what is causing her to whimper, and pace, 24/7. It's reassuring. We'll be just fine, if she never regains her sight in her left eye, or fully in the right, we just HAD to know she was still Abby "in there".. and not in pain.

    Now, we just wait, to see about whether or not her heart is enlarged, and remain 100% dedicated to keeping her as seizure free as possible..

    Thank you ALL again, for your support, prayers, posts, etc...please continue to pray for her..(the poor baby is still none-to-steady, at times, and spins in circles, confused, also, but...much, much less.)

    I will post when we know about her heart, etc..and I'm feeling better..

    Thank you all again, SOOO MUCH.

    Forever greatful,

    Laura M. (& hubby brad)
  15. rachel432

    rachel432 New Member

    i askex my friend at work wkho has a dog with severe seizures which medication they put him on that finally got them under control. it's called sodium pentathol. so it her current medication doesn't continue to workfor her you may want to ask your vet for this.
    i hope this helps and that abby keeps getting better!

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