Please pray now,Sat 7:16pmUPDATE-Dad in heaven

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by over50, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. over50

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    Our friend Teller7 is at this moment waiting for Hospice to come and pick up her husband to take him to his dying Father,they said he had 6 months,but,now they believe he will not make it through the night.He has been so very sad,and she has tried her best to keep his spirits up,even though she is in pain,and tired like we all are.This stress has taken a toll on her and her husband.He doesnt believe in God,so I am joining you all in prayer that God will handle this situation with his everlasting love,and if you dont believe in a higher power,then sending positive energy her way will help.
    Thank you so much
    At 12:20 last night Dad went to heaven.Thank you all.This is such a wonderful loving family we have here.God bless esch one of you.Love Linda[This Message was Edited on 01/29/2006]
  2. Musica

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    come to know the peace that only God can give in a time like this, and know that it is from God. Some people get mad and turn against God, but I pray that now or later, he will come to know that there is Someone in control of this world and all the crazy things in it - and that Someone is God.

    In the meantime, I pray for mental, physical and emotional strength for Teller7, her husband, and the entire family.
  3. sarahann61

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    I hope and pray that God will be with them all, comfort them, and give them the Peace, that passes all understanding......................

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