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  1. LynneH

    LynneH New Member

    Friends, I read the posts here and pray for those in need but I never usually post.

    I am requesting prayer for Barb,a lady who has lived with MS for many years. She has been an inspiration with her positive attitude. She cannot walk or use her arms but never complains about her lot in life. She is such a joy.

    Yesterday, she had to be put in the hospital. She is in bad shape.

    I wish I could make her all better and I know I can't. I can only pray that God's will be done.

    Please God, ease her suffering and if it's her time, let her go gently. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

    I am so grateful to all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Prayers were heard and answered. Her catheter had leaked into her body and she has a serious infection in her upper thighs, buttocks, etc. The doctors feel confident that they can clear it up and she is in good spirits. They said they would probably keep her there for the week and if all goes well, she could go home next week. PTL and you!!!
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  2. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    I am always amazed by people like Barb. They take their suffering with so much dignity. Praying that she can get better and get out of the hospitol. Let us know how it goes.

  3. LindaH

    LindaH New Member

    I will definitely lift your friend (and you also) up in my prayers. I am including you in my prayers because I know how hard this can be. Please keep us posted on her condition and if possible let her know we are all praying for her.

    God bless
  4. Milo83

    Milo83 New Member

    I'm so sorry to hear about Barb.....
    I will definetly pray for Barb & that something can be done to help her and get out of the hospital, and if that is just impossible, I will pray that she does not have to suffer.......

    Lynne, I'm here for you.........Love, Donna
  5. Frinkie

    Frinkie New Member

    I, too, will pray for your friend. I lost a friend to MS this year.
  6. kredca4

    kredca4 New Member

    I'm so sorry about your friend Barb, and I will say a Prayer for her and also for you.
    Take care of yourself too.
    I know God will take good care of your Friend, whatever His Will is.
    God Bless You,
  7. sangria

    sangria New Member

    I'm praying for her now.
  8. kathyrere

    kathyrere New Member

    In jesus name I add my prayers with the others.
  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Dixie has put everything into words so eloquently we all feel. Please continue to keep us informed.
  10. garlinbarb

    garlinbarb New Member

    We may never understand suffering, but I'm sure God wouldn't allow it if it didn't serve a purpose. We may never know what that purpose is, but I trust in God to handle it.

    May she rest in the hands of God and be comforted. May you as well, be comforted and know that all is as it should be in the world. I sure am glad somebody knows what's going on !!

  11. jill5050

    jill5050 New Member

    I will agree in prayer with all of these fine ladies. I will lift you, Barb and her family up in prayer. I pray she doesn't suffer and that you and her family are comforted.
  12. Milo83

    Milo83 New Member

    So happy to hear that they can help Barb.......
    that's wonderful news........

    Keeping on praying for Barb.........
    Take Care........Love, Donna
  13. jolly

    jolly New Member

    You sound like such a good friend to Barb and her troubles make ours look like a cakewalk. At least we are able to stumble around on our feet. I missed your post yesterday, but am glad things have cleared up for her today. Jo Ellen
  14. luvumore

    luvumore New Member

    I,m so glad your friend is doing better. My prayers are with you and with her. She is Lucky to have such a beautiful friend in you.
    God blessxxxxxxxxx
  15. luvumore

    luvumore New Member

    I,m so glad your friend is doing better. My prayers are with you and with her. She is Lucky to have such a beautiful friend in you.
    God blessxxxxxxxxx