Please pray that I can get out of this discriminating JOB!!!!!

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    I need all your prayers to God to help me get on in another department at the state and to deal with my current job. I work in the health center at U.T. and when I was hired on my boss new of my disabilities. (Major car wreck and damage to my right foot and knee with Fibromyalgia). Anyway, I was suppost to do 2 hours a day relieveing staff in the pharmacy for breaks and lunches. It turns out I have been doing all a.m. breaks and lunches and afternoon breaks and when anyone was sick I covered also. My boss just got finished yelling at me when I asked him if the job would be divided out equally between me and 2 other girls that work in the same department. They let one girl get away w/ anything here at work. They are afraid of her because she throws a fit and threatens everybody. She is physco!!!! She made it clear she son't do the pharmacy and my boss is so afraid of her he says she has to do her billing and concentrate on that. Most of the time she knits and sews and talks on the phone and internet and goofs off. She comes in late, takes 2 30 minute lunches and long breaks and gives me HE** here at work. She actually tried to get me fired. Anyway, I have this FMS pain constantly and I just got out of surgery Dec. 19th. Even though I have notes from the doctor they said they would put me on medical leave w/out pay if I can not perform the duties of my job. I think its awful that the 2 girls can not fill in a bit longer until I get transferred out of here. I did it all by myself for 8 months!!! No help or taking turns and my boss just screamed at me telling me he hired me to do the pharmacy part-time. Well what happened to part-time when I was doing all the relieving??? He yelled and said the other girl had been helping out all along!! I could not believe what I was hearing. Such a liar!!! He's trying to cover his butt because the Human Resources girl talked to him about dividing it equally!!! I recently went to the Human Resources department and told them of how he had been doing me. They said the other 2 girls signed the SAME agreement as i did meaning part-time!!!!! Anyway sorry for rambling but its unfair that they get away w/ murder and I'm thrown to the wolves. I do have to say the other 1 girl has been very nice to cover for me since my surgery. The one that gives me HE** usually does not speak to me and makes it real obvious to me and she is really nice and outgoing to everyone else. Help me GOD to be able to handle this treatment and discrimination and that it does not go back into me doing full-time pharmacy relieving. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME I CAN'T EVEN GET TO CHURCH FROM ALL MY REACTIONS AND PAIN I LIVE IN AND WITH THE FATIGUE. EVERY WEEK I SAY OKAY I'M GOING TO CHURCH THIS SUNDAY AND WHEN IT COMES TIME TO GET OUT OF BED I FEEL SO-O-O-O- BAD I CAN'T. THANKS FOR ANY SUGGESTIONS AND ALL YOUR PRAYERS!!!! PAMELA

    P.S. Am I being a baby feeling like this? I have always gotten the shaft here at work and alot of bad treatment from the one girl for the most. They will not do anything about her. I hear they (the 2 girls) have something on my boss.
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    God knows what is happening. He hears your prayers.
    Please pray for those people that work with you. They sound like needy people.
    The only person that you can change is yourself.And I know how hard that is. Try acting yourself and sticking up for yourself. You don't need to have the need to please.
    Taking care of the body that GOD gave you is important. If you can just do the work that you agreed to at the beginning of working there, then you don't need to consider rumors or gossip or shenanigans of others.
    Be quiet within. I'll pray for you to have peace. Love is a given by our Father.
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    I will pray that God takes some of your pressure at work away. Like Selma said just try to do the work you agreed to and try to ignore the other girls. It is hard to do all the work and recieve that kind of treatment.
    I know God is in charge, and when I get out of the way and let Him work, He always fixes the situation, so continue to give it to Him.
    Praying for your work situation.
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    Hello Pamela,
    My heart goes out to you and prayers to our Savior. I will say this, when I don't feel like going to church, I have started making myself go any way. I receive a blessing.I did not feel at all like going yesterday, but I did and I was glad I went. God is good and He knows what is going on all the time. It also helps to pray for people we would not normally pray for. I just tell God that He knows how I feel about this person and I really don't want to pray for them but I'm going to any way, because it is what He would want me to do. He gives me a peace about the person, even though I still don't care for this person. I hope this will help. God bless you,