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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Chocolat, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. Chocolat

    Chocolat New Member

    for my son and I to be restored.

    Thanks a bunch
  2. Kim

    Kim New Member

    God bless you and your son. I lift you both up in prayer to our heavenly Father, In Jesus' name.

  3. Cactuslil

    Cactuslil New Member

    I have a wonderful young man, ten years and counting. I have never cherished any one more; your pain must be great. I will hold you in my prayers for comfort and reconciliation. Lil'
  4. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    I have two son's, the oldest I did not speak to for two years. Long story, but I know how you feel.

    You have my earnest prayer for you and your beloved son to be reconciled.

    God bless, and thank you for bringing your burdens here for us to share and join you in your prayer.

    Shalom, Shirl
  5. guestpaula

    guestpaula New Member

    I pray for you and your son to find the solution to your delema. I pray for you both to be restored. I, myself havnt talked to my 23 year old son for about 6 months. He is good at blame. So be it.
  6. Chocolat

    Chocolat New Member

    and I am overwhelmed by your love and concern.

    AND the other stories of separation.

    I do believe my illness has had a LOT to do with it....and yes, BLAME is a key role.....THE MOTHER is always to blame for everything, though his father went away and never came back.

    I FINALLY started practicing the CO-DEPENDENCY thing and it has changed my life. My son and I do famously as long as every answer is YES AND AMEN, but the minute you say NO to him, all you know what breaks loose.

    I FINALLY started taking care of myself and not allowing him to control me and he doesn't know what to do. NOTHING he has done has worked and he is just FLABBERGASTED that I have this new inner strength to say NO....and not cater to his CONTROL issues any longer.

    I have not seen him since last April nor spoken to him since last June. I feel like he is dead. He is my son, my only son, whom I LOVE SO VERY MUCH. His wife has caused more problems than anything. We were actually being healed in our relationship when he came to the Lord 8 years ago, when SHE was SENT in by the enemy it would appear to STEAL, KILL and DESTROY my long awaited family. My son had been on drugs for 13 years and we had prayed and fasted for 7 of those years for his salvation and deliverance and so it HAPPENED Lord heard my prayers and answered and the enemy was not happy. It has almost KILLED me, but I have given it to the Lord and received HIS PEACE AND HIS STRENGTH to walk this out WAITING for the Prodigal to come home. ONLY HE CAN COME TO THIS LIGHT and come home and work this out. I always FIXED IT BEFORE....ran to him....begged him...would do anything...but the LORD WILL NOT LET ME THIS TIME. HE MADE ME PUT HIM ON ABRAHAM'S ALTAR and put a stake in him as though he were dead (spiritually) and only HE can raise him from that death. I MUST WAIT....and it is very very hard.

    Well, I really got carried away here didn't I ? Sorry, guess I needed to talk about it....with this year date that I have not seen him coming is getting hard.

    Thank you all for your prayers and I do so pray for all of you who are going through this too. SELFISHNESS is the problem here and I DID IT I SUPPOSE, for I am the one who raised him. Hard to undo when they are grown. Wish I had been a wiser parent and SAID NO every now and then and allowed his consequences to be PAID BY HIM.

    Blessings to you all, and thanks again, PRAYER WORKS, CHOCOLAT <><
  7. selma

    selma New Member

    Given my personality and the situations, I would have made the same decisions. As parents and as people we do the best we can, andwe do what we think is good or right at the time.
    What would have or could have beens don't help NOW.
    Every parent that I know makes mistakes. We can't choose or childrens' friends or the situations they find themselves in. Your saying "no" more often may have caused more problems then you could ever imagine.
    Be the example for your son. If he has children, he has learned from you your devotion to your child.
    Send him happy letters about your life. Stay in his life so that he won't feel defeated if he wants to come home.
    Tell him that you will support him in whatever decision he makes. His decisions don't have to be yours. You can keep in touch. You may want to send an angel to your daughter in law. She sounds like she needs one. Don't reject her. It's like rejecting your son's choice.
    GOD knows that you have done your best.
    I'll say prayers for all of you. Love and hugs, Selma
  8. Revella

    Revella New Member

    for you and your son to regain a loving relationship. Our ex-daughter in law seemed to have some of the same effect over our son for a while. He became very touchy and cross, we had always had a wonderful relationship in our family and that was hard to adjust to. Even though I know divorce isn't right, I fell that God allowed that one to get my son's attention to remind him that his dad may not live many more years and he needed to renew their relationship. I know for a fact, it can happen, it just doesn't happen when and how we want it too.
    My husband and I will be praying for you, your son and his wife to become a close family.
  9. Revella

    Revella New Member

    I always read these prayer requests to my husband. He can no longer preach or pastor and he is so glad to help pray for all the prayer requests that I find. He wanted me to tell you that he was about to ruin his relationship with our only son. When he stopped and started listening to Matt and seeing him as a man instead of tending to him and trying to tell him every move to make, and not arguing with him. They're relationship began to turn around. Just like you are doing by showing him respect and not arguing. They are now closer than they have ever been. He says tell you to not give up, keep the faith. He will pray that your son will began to see that he needs his mother, and that he's messing up your relationship which someday he will truly regret. You have put him in God's hands and He can do so much more than we can with these "kids".
    Revell and hubby.
  10. Michell

    Michell New Member

    I pray for you and your son. I am happy you changed your life for the better but understand too painfully how that can hurt in other ways. i won't go into it, but it has to do with my mother. anyway, i lift you up and your son and the situation before our Father in heavan.
    love, michell