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  1. NewEnglander

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    just checking in

    I would like to ask for a prayer request, so important.
    i need lots of help. fighting for my life and will needs lots of help

    please pray for my walk with the Lord

    I need a new doctor, looking for a councelor, pain clinic.

    on back on the long road again and starting over since this nightmare began.

    I know I have a journey ahead of me.

    there is so much aniexty and fear in my life right now.

    please pray that the Lord will speak to me and that I will hear.

    I don't know were to begin.

    I want to fight, get the help that I need but there so much I need all at once.

    and now my mother is in the hospital, my father keeps looking for her in the home.

    I can't take care of them. (this makes me cry) only me.

    I have to get strong, then I will be able to help everyone.

    I just got out of the hospital

    I had to go to the dentist, horrible toothache, half my tooth fell off.

    I don't have the money to fix it.
    but I could have it pulled for free.

    please pray that the Lord will send kind and caring people into my life.

    so when I am well and back on my feet I can continue to help my family and first.

    as I was typing this in the phone rang, it was my sister, my mother is bleeding interally.

    this really feels like an attack from the enemy, too much stuff, way too much.

    I think I need an angel, I don't know what to do

    Love Lisa
  2. lrning2cope

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    Oh , Lisa ,

    What alot of burdens all at once. I truly believe the Enemy tries to cut us down any chance he gets. When my life gets like this , I read Job and realize that God still loves me . One day , this world will be rid of evil and the Lord will be in charge of everything. I pray that day comes soon.

    Please know that you and your family are in my prayers and that God wins !

    Dear Lord , please watch over Lisa and her family . They are being bombarded with all sorts of illness , pain , financial and exhaustion challenges. Please , Lord , give them Your peace and let them know that through it all , You are there to hold them up. Send your Heavenly angels to surround them and keep them free from any evil that is trying to creep in. Hold Lisa and her family in your warm loving hands and let them know Your love will provide all that they need. Please send a helper so that Lisa doesn't have to handle this burden on her own . Give her bursts of strength to make it through. Send someone to pay for her broken tooth to be fixed and take away the agonizing pain that can come with a broken tooth.I pray this in Jesus Holy name , Amen and Amen

    In His Grace,

  3. lrning2cope

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    I',m sorry I didn't break up the lines on my post. I tried to edit and it didn't work.
  4. NewEnglander

    NewEnglander New Member

    God has heard your prayer's on my behalf

    I had this sense of calm, right before reading this.

    right before this all happened, I had just given my life back to the Lord.

    what an attack.

    thank you so much, I can hear the holy spirit talking through your prayers

    God Love you
  5. windblade

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    I've been wondering so much where you've been - and what's been happening.

    And keeping you in my prayers! Been thinking about you everyday.

    I can so relate to how you feel. I am trying to find a therapist for PTSD, and having pressure from my Dr. that handles my meds. for depression and anxiety.

    I need to find a good, trustworthy therapist. My Dr. will drop me otherwise - and the meds. I am on I need.

    I'm feeling scared today too. I'm praying to Jesus as my faithful shepherd to care for me.

    And for God's wisdom - I can't figure out what to do right now.

    I'll keep adding you to my prayers.

    Was your sister able to get pain med. for your father?

    Joining in with prayers for your parents, and for all your needs.

    So glad you came back to tell us what is happening.

  6. greatgran

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    So sorry for all you are going through. My prayers are with you .

    I can so relate to how you feel, my circumstances aren't the same but going through a lot and my health has been the pits lately.

    I am praying God will send you the help you need.

    Wish I could do more,

  7. Nanie46

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    I pray that you will find the strength and direction that you need. God hears all your prayers and will lift you up. Keep praying that He will lead you in the right direction to find the Doctors that you need.

    I pray that God will give you peace, so you will not feel guilty about your parents. As a parent, I know that if my son or daughter were very sick I would want them to do everything they need to do to take care of themselves first.

    You can help your parents just by telling them that you love them. You don't have to physically care for them.

    ...Faith, hope and love....and the greatest of these is love.

  8. NewEnglander

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    it means the world to me right now.

    be blessed