please prayer for me

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    I just have not been myself since I had that nasty flu 4weeks ago.
    I just feel all anxious and nervous most of the time.Our son is leaving tomorrow on a trip and I feel so upset which is not like me.
    please keep my son in your prayers that he will have a safe trip and return home safe,and that I will calm down and have peace while he is gone,I know this sounds so foolish ,but right now my emotions are just up and down.
    Blessings sixtyslady
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    so God I will pray for all the needs on the board.

    and I pray for the safe
    ty of my son and that I'll be able to cope with this tomorrow and next week.
    I also will pray for you to lift the heavyness off my heart right now,because it seems to much for me to do on my own.
    I do believe that I can do all things through Jesus who strenghtens me.
    I feel so alone right now in my dispair,but I feel that you listen to the prayers from this board .
    many times people have prayed for me on this board and I'm so thankful.but even if there,s no one to pray for my request today, I know you have heard my prayer.
    and I thank you for courage and faith.
    your servant Sixtyslady
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    God bless you.I will pray that you get some relief.
    I have been there when I could"t even talk on the phone.

    I know you pray for everyone and the Good Lord knows it too.
    you will be rewarded.I pray for you that life will become easier for you,and that you will feel peace.
    Its not good to worry but sometimes we just can"t help it.I sleep with my bible and when I wake at night i reach over and touch it and pray,it really helps.
    Blessing sixtyslady
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    How are you doing and your son? I can so relate to the anxious feeling and feeling of no peace and it doesn't sound foolish.

    I think you not feeling well makes your emotions go into overdrive.

    My prayers are with you and your son and do hope you are feeling better.

    God Bless,
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    he arrived at his destination, so he"ll be traveling home this comming Sat.
    I"m alittle more at ease now that hes there.
    I had the flu 4weeks ago and every since my blood sugar droops so fast I get so week and nervous that I feel like I can"t control myself,my hubby and I where in Walmart and it happen this afternoon and I just wanted to run my cart into something and get out of there.and I woke up last night at around 4:30 in the morning and felt the same way like I need to get up and run then if I eat I come out of it in about 20mins its just awlful.
    thank you for praying for me,I pray this will be lifted off of me soon. sixtyslady
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    I have a hard time going away and traveling.
    Many years ago my first husband and another couple where on Vacation and when we arrived we had a message waiting for us from home,my husband father had been shot and killed.
    the other couple was my husband brother and is girlfriend.
    she and I had to drive us was about 15hrs,of being in the car trying to comfort the boys about their Dad.
    It was horrible,they"ve never found out who killed my Father-in-law.
    then a few yrs later we where on Vaction with another couple and our little kids and the other Man that was with us got news that his Fater had passed so we had to turn around and go home.
    I"ve never been able to relax when we travel since.
    thank you for praying for my son"s safe return,it means so much,my emtions are off the wall right.
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    Hi Misty,
    hope your feeling better.It just seems to take so long for us to get over things,like the flu.
    Its raining and cold here to day in good old Il.
    Just wished it would break and get warm,I just long to sit on the deck in the sun.
    And of course the horse lots are just mud.can"t wait til everything is green again.
    Oh for the smell of spring.
    you have a good day,.