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    My LLMD told me that the group who knows how to treat lyme, ILADS, all either have lyme themselves, or someone they love has it.

    They are motivated to help us, and they are the ones who share information with each other and do research.

    The medical establishment is very against using long term ABX for lyme disease. They try, and have succeeded in taking the license to practice medicine away from these wonderful doctors.

    Some illnesses are considered fine for long term ABX: TB, AIDS, some acne... but not lyme. Hopefully, this will change soon.

    Meanwhile, please refer to your doctor who is putting his license on the line to treat you with initials only, or as "my LLMD".

    If you don't believe me, ask your doctor. I did, and he was adamant that he does NOT want his name posted on the internet. He tries to stay under the radar is how he puts it.

    One way you could give a name to someone who needs a doctor in their area, is either go to a chat room that's empty here, or go to which has private messaging.

    This site will soon have private messaging and then that would be the best way to give out names here.
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    If you "Google", it will take

    to the Website with a Doc Referral for Lyme. It will refer

    you to an email addy from which a return list of Doc(s) will

    be sent to your email address! It may take a day or so to

    get a reply, but that's why they call us "Patients".

    Don't know ifin' I'm 'posta tell ya this Kids. But what the

    heck? Ya know what I'm sayin'?


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    I know there is at least one place on the internet that listed all the LLMDs in my state, and my doctor told me all of them are working with the person who mans the site to please take their names out.

    I know nothing about the site you are referring to, but will go to it. Thank you for mentioning it.

    I just think it's a good practice to not post names of LLMDs, and when I go to other lyme message boards they all have a sticky (post that stays at the top of the page)that covers this issue.