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  1. alancalton

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    I am just coming out of a deep depression (thank GOD) and
    am starting a new job tomorrow after not working for five
    months.I really hope you will lift me up in prayer about it.I will find out,of course,if this is the job The LORD wants for me.
    Since it is the only one I was offered,after trying for a long time,I am going to go with it.I really do need the money and it looks very ligitamate.

    Thank you for your prayers.

  2. Kim

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    Father God, we lift our brother-in-Christ, Alan up. Strengthen him, let him know You are with him, give him insight to know if this job is right for him and is in Your will. We join together to thank you and praise You for lifting Alan out of depression and give you all the glory. Continue your miracle in him, Lord. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen

    Alan....let me know how it goes. Love, Kim
  3. Shirl

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    an AMEN to Kim's prayer for you Alan, she said all that I completely agree with.

    The Lord's blessings go with you.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. Revella

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    Alan, God opens doors for us sometimes we miss what he has for us because we are hesitant. Satan will never encourage you to do something that will benefit you. He only wants to harm you. I'll be praying for you in your new job.
  5. guestpaula

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    I pray for your sucess at your new job and the ability to do it. If it is the Lords will it will happen, if its not then you will move on and find something better. Mostly I pray for stength for you.

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