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    Hi Everybody--I have spent much time reading alot of posts, ideas, critiques, criticisms, and general disappointments regarding the new board. I personally prefer the old board, find this one visually distracting, but in the long run, to stay connected with my friends I will utilize it. However, I must say, my NUMBER ONE criticism and disappointment in this new board has to be the SEARCH feature at the top of the page. On the old board, when you would do a search by 'title' you would get a neatly formed, concise, date ordered list of the topic you were seeking. It was perfectly linear and one could read through it with relative speed and ease. This feature on the new board, is scattered, unclear and in my opinion, essentially useless. Please, tech support, address this for us and have your people rewrite this so we can research posts and related topics with the relative ease that the previous board afforded us. Thank you in advance.


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  2. Bunchy

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    I have felt rude as I have got involved on a thread and someone has answered. I have then been too tired or fogged to answer it and the next day it has disappeared.

    Previously I would search under my username and my posts would come up in dated order so I could refind the thread easily.

    I think this is the main reason people are not as active here and some have totally given up and left for other boards.

    Hopefully techsupport will address this soon.

    I also miss our pics and the emoticons - without them it is hard to find any "connection" with others on the board.

    Love Bunchy x
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    AGREE here, too.

    Three people wrote responses to something I wrote. I know because I got e-mailed notification that they had.

    I was able to find ONE. (Those all caps aren't YELLing, they are emphasis since we don't have a way to underline).

    The notifications don't include the board name nor the date of the response someone wrote.

    I'm thinking that the people who responded on some board to some thing that I wrote on some date might feel I'm ignoring them...which I am decidedly not...but I can't find their words.

    Thought "Aha, I'll just go to where I can click on "My Posts," surely I'll be able to find the responses there by following thread."

    Didn't work. RATS!! (Those all caps are YELLing).

    I'm giving up for the evening and maybe things will be better tomorrow.

  4. waltz

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    ditto what Laura said.

    I have posted about half a dozen posts about search not working, in tech support, and here....

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