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  1. rmc20021

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    I don't know what is going on with me. Lately I've been doing and saying some really off the wall things....much more so than usual, and much more intense.

    Today, I was going to put some gas in my car and after turning the pump on, turned around to pump gas INTO the gas pump itself.

    There has been some other cases very similiar to this except now I can't even remember what they were. I just know it's been real scarey whatever it is going on.

    Anyone ever experience something like this...which as I said was more extreme and out of ordinary character?

  2. kirschbaum26

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    Dear RMC20021:

    My favorite gas pumping story is that I went to put gas in my rodeo, I usually turn on the gas and then clean out the car and wash the windows if needed. This one time, I was sure that I checked to make sure that the gas was flowing before I started on my chores. I also was sure that when I was done with my chores my gas tank was full (I have a 22 gal tank, and the pump showed 20 gal pumped). The only thing that I could not understand was why the pump was saying that I picked premium instead of regular. I went inside pay and get my receipt and the clerk could not figure out why she could not print out my receipt...turns out that I had never selected the grade, so that no gas had pumped into my about embarrassing!

  3. carebelle

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    read my old post.I did some really strange things when all of this stuff hit me at one time.

    Slow down and meditate .If you lesson to your car Radio only play soft music with no words.

    I laugh about fibro fog to at times, but then I stop and remember it can be scary .

    Things can become very overwhelming very fast .You can be out of one situation and into another, but still trying to figure out what or why ,you just did what you did, before you know it.

    Just be aware if you have headaches or any other things going on .Laugh off what you can and don't sweat the little things.

  4. Empower

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    I'm sorry, I had to laugh when I read your post

    I do crazy things like this all the time!

    I know, it can be scary.

    I don't see mention of your age, could it in anyway be related to menopause??

    I am around 50, and I notice as I approach menopause, I do so really wacky, forgetful things.

    I am not laughing at you, but with you!!! Take care, I am sure it is nothing to worry about
  5. rockgor

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    A never-ending source of amusement and panic. Playing cards the other night I as going to say something: Oriental, maybe. Anyway I said angel.

    But it's pretty upsetting when I lose my keys or checkbook for the umpt-umpth time.

    Thanks, Fingers, for the reminder. I wrote down the name of that carnation stuff a couple weeks ago. Then forgot all about it. I'm am going to try to get some today.
  6. onlythestrong

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    I go through this all the time,not meaning to make a joke of it but I told my husband to go buy me some Easter eggs and I could have my own egg hunt and probably never find any even though I hid them!
    Really it is part of this NASTY condition.
    Good luck and happy hunting,
  7. jole

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    I lost my dishcloth and later found it in the frig on the butter dish.

    Gave my phone number only to be stared at and told the computer refused it - I had actually given my daughter's number.

    Wrote a check with my maiden name after being married 38 years.

    Went to fax a report and couldn't remember what to do with it. Felt like I was totally dropped from the sky that day.

    Drove around the block to come home and got lost!!!