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    I wanted to let all of you know that TV stations and Radio stations are able to use air time to have Public Service Anouncements .If you are a non proffit you can get information put on their stations for free.They have regulations and rules you have to follow but they will give you a sheet with that information on it.If you have a CFS/FM non profit group in your area get with the stations and ask them to do "A PUBLIC SERVICE ANOUNCEMENT" to let people know about CFS/FM or any information about meetings or anything the public needs to know.
    Good Luck
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    great information.

    We should be doing this more than once a year, don't you think?


    Karen :)
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    Also public places where tables are set up for a cause have to give equal time to an opposing view. When I was working I had a gripe about a group set up on Christmas Eve in Penn Station in NY. I called up the station's administrative offices, got to the right people and then wrote a letter to the NYT and it was published.

    The result: the station offered any group I picked with an opposing view to have equal time in the same spot. I offered it to a women's group and they did it.

    All free, like you said.


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