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    Although many of us who visit ProHealth have physical and emotional issues that consume much thought and effort in our personal lives, please take a moment and visit this website:

    This is an extraordinary situation of a mother, who with her husband are the parents of five children. One child, Andrew, was born to a drug addicted mother and adopted by the Overton's. Andrew died (go read why) and Hannah was tried and convicted for his death.

    Everyone, including the Assist Prosecutor, questions the jury's reasoning of a murder conviction. What does seem clear is that many jurors did not understand the instructions from the judge on how to view data and deliberate.

    As a mother myself who had multiple toddlers at the same time as Hannah did, I tend to be very skeptical of situations where frustrated Moms can only find murder, shaking baby syndrome or other abuses, as an answer to our own depression or exhaustion. I am convinced this is a tragic, heartbreaking travesty of 'justice.'

    A family of children have had their mother ripped away and placed for life in a prison 300 miles away. They travel for hours once a month to visit their mother. Hannah's husband who remains her husband, is raising the children by himself. Their church raised funds for her, for the family, they believe in her innocense. If this gentle woman who took in abused and hurt children, had children of her own as well, could possibly go mad in a second and murder one of her children, then return to normal, being in prison for life would make sense. This is not the case.

    There is a ground swell of citizens around the U.S. who are involving themselves by reading and writing to key persons who have the power to reexamine this case.

    If you can take on one small project during the coming week please make it this one. You will change the lives of a grieving broken family, a community and surely bring great blessings into your own heart and life for getting involved.

    Hannah Overton is innocent, please help her.
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    I watched this program a few days ago. I thought it was insane that she was convicted. The child died of salt poisioning. He had the disorder to where he would eat odd things, I don't know how to spell it right of the top of my head. But the disorder is one to where children eat strange things like dirt, chalk, anything all really. So it would not be strange for Andrew to have taken box of salt out of the pantry and eatten it.

    Hannah loved that child as her own. This is a cruel injustice! I can not believe that a jury convicted her! What a shame! Now those poor children have no mama to care for them!