*Please Read* Headaches caused by Hidden MSG In Shampoo/Meds/Make up**

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    I have read many posts about so many having headaches on a daily basis and I would like to share something that I have found out..I am VERY sensetive to MSG and it causes me to have Horrrible migraines and I loose part of my vision/vomit awful pain...anyhow I started to have these awful Migraines several times a week a few months back and I had not used anything to cook with eaten anything that contained MSG ..WELL that is what I thought any how..

    I started to do some research about HIDDEN MSG and I was absolutely FLOORED by what I found..and I would like to share this info with all of you here..it is long but worth printig out and memorizing...

    If you are having daily headaches it could be caused by YOU HAIR AND BEAUTY PRODUCTS as well and in what your are eating and your MEDICATIONS...I found that the GENERIC BRAND SOMA that is made by the compnay GENEVA has a form of HIDDEN MSG in it .....The brands ABLE and DAN do not..but if your TABS say GG 411...it has a from of hidden msg in it...I found this out a few weeks ago when my pharmacy used this brand instead of the usual one from ABLE..within 30 minutes of taking a tablet marked GG411 I started seeing the WAVEY LINES and FULL BLOWN MIGRAINE that layed my out in bed for the whole weekend....... and it is HIDDEN...called something else..PLEASE READ THIS and I hope it will helps some of you as much as it has helped me to STOP having these headaches...

    I was also having really bad migraines one month like every two days and I found it was because the new shampoo and hair gel I was using both had hydrolyzed wheat protien in them and that is a form of MSG!!! I was getting a double whammy..threw them out and stopped having them.

    If you want a better copy of this do a search on the internet for Hidden MSG..and you will find this under a site called Holisticmed... The actual list is 3pages long.

    Peace to you all

    June 1, 1995

    Food label descriptors that contain enough MSG to serve as
    common MSG-reaction triggers

    These ALWAYS contain MSG:
    Glutamate Textured protein
    Monosodium glutamate Hydrolyzed protein
    Monopotassium glutamate (any protein that is hydrolyzed)
    Glutamic acid Yeast extract
    Calcium caseinate Yeast food
    Sodium caseinate Autolyzed yeast
    Gelatin Yeast nutrient

    These very OFTEN contain MSG:
    Malt extract Flavors(s) & Flavoring(s)
    Malt flavoring Natural flavor(s) & flavoring(s)
    Barley malt Natural pork flavoring
    Bouillon Natural beef flavoring
    Stock Natural chicken flavoring
    Broth Seasonings (the word "seasonings")
    Carrageenan Soy sauce
    Maltodextrin Soy sauce extract
    Whey protein Soy protein
    Whey protein isolate Soy protein isolate
    Whey protein concentrate Soy protein concentrate
    Pectin anything Protein fortified
    anything Enzyme modified

    These can be used to CREATE MSG:
    Protease enzymes Protease Fungal protease Enzymes

    Hidden MSG is not limited to use in food. MSG sensitive people have
    reported reactions to soaps, shampoos, hair conditioners, and
    cosmetics that contain hidden MSG. The most obvious common hiding
    places are in ingredients called "hydrolyzed protein" and "amino

    Drinks, candy, and chewing gum are also potential sources of hidden
    MSG. Also, aspartic acid, found in aspartame (NutraSweet) ordinarily
    causes MSG type reactions in MSG sensitive people. Aspartame is
    found in some medications. Check with your pharmacist.

    Binders and fillers for medications, nutrients, and supplements, both
    prescription and non-prescription, including enteral feeding
    materials and some fluids administered intravenously in hospitals,
    may contain MSG.

    Reactions to MSG are dose related, i.e., some people react to even
    very small amounts of MSG while others usually only react to
    relatively more. MSG-induced reactions may occur immediately after
    contact or after as much as 48 hours.

    There are additional ingredients that appear to cause MSG reactions
    in ACUTELY sensitive people. A list is available for those

    Truth in Labeling Campaign (TLC) PO Box 2532 Darien, IL 60561

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    that never would have occurred to me. I take generic Soma, and I'm REALLY glad to have this info! I react to MSG with headaches and swelling. Thank you.

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    For years now I have reacted badly to sodium and MSG. In fact there are certain foods that I avoid just becaue of this bad reaction. I don't get headaches but I swell terribly. However, I did not realize MSG were in as many things as you listed. A very interesting post, thanks!
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    Thanks so much for this valuable info. I don't eat processed foods for this very reason, but I never expected to find MSG's in personal-care products and medications, for crying out loud. MSG gives me horrible headaches and makes my pulse pound in my head.

    Love, Mikie
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    I wanted to add that I found out about the generic Soma fillers by e-mailing the company...they were very prompt with the ingredients actually answered me the same day I wrote them...

    It just doesn not make sense why they would put MSG in medication at all....I guess it is a cheap filler...BUT I bet that the fillers are what alot of us are reacting to when we have an adverse reaction to a medication...it is very scary to me......Yes..GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!

    I am so glad that I was able to share this information with you all!!!

    Peace Ness
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    this came from a list my neuro doctor gave me,

    anything fermented, pickled or marinated
    vinegar, except white vinegar
    nuts, peanut butter
    hot fresh breads (odd)
    raised coffee cakes
    msg foods
    soy souce
    nutrasweet (aspartamine)

    those who drink, the beverages LESS likely to produce headaches: white wines, light scotch whiskies, and vodka

    just for interest, peanut butter doesn't seem to trigger mine, but eat peanuts and i will get a headache the next morning.

    also, remember that the generic of ultram, tramadol has some sort of filler in it that gives many of us terrible headaches, myself included. maybe it is msg.

    warm regards, fibolady

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    For many years, back in the 60's, my mother, sister and I would get terrible headaches and stomach complaints after eating Chinese food. But we never associated the headaches to what we ate. The headaches were awful - there would be an awful pounding and a feeling as if our heads were in a vise! Finally, about 1966, my mother's friend read an article about MSG. I stopped eating in Chinese restaurants for about 15 years! The bottom line is to eat food in as natural a state as possible, and to read EVERYTHING on the labels. The more garbage listed, the worse the food is.

  9. Shirl

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    I am deadly allergic to MSG, I just emailed your post to myself and will print it out and go through everything I have around here!

    I think my shampoo is alright, I use a product from the health food store called; 'Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps', they are pure Castile Soap in liquid form (they come in natural herbal scents if you like them), you can also take a bath in it, and wash your clothes if you want, I buy it by the gallon. Plus I rinse my hair in white vinegar (odor leaves in about 1/2 hour).
    But will check the creams and makeup, I use Adrian Arpel, and Marilyn Miglin, and some Clinique.

    Thanks for the tips.

    I don't eat fast food at all, but I will check whatever I have here anyway.

    Thanks again.

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS, WHY would they put MSG in meds??? Its to enhance the flavor of food for Pete's sake!

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    What's the world coming to...everything has to have something BAD in it that hurts us...I guess we all need to move out to the mountains, grow our own food and veggies and live like they did in the 1800's...Yeee Haaaa!!! Sounds good to me!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the info.

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    I bought a book on MSG a few months ago and was astounded to find out it's in almost ALL foods. From most all canned goods, to catsup, to dairy, to bakery items, to pork sausage, and right on over to the produce dept....it's put in the liquids they spray on the vegy's and fruits to keep them fresher - longer!

    Marilyn :)
  12. Ness

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    I have also started reading the ingredients in make ups and the cheaper brands put hyrolyzed wheat and soy protein in mascara ...lotions are a BIG ONE!!!

    I rarely ever eat out anymore..

    ALSO be ALERTED that just because you buy it from the health store does not mean it is SAFE >>READ READ READ the lables....

    Many and I many of the VEGAN foods .....the meatless stuff are loaded with the hidden MSG'S...it's in about every one I read one day when I was looking to get some meatless foods and the Health Store....sooooooooooo again PLEASE READ ...bring the list with you and save yourself from having an awful reaction...

    Glycerine is one that I have found in mouthwash, BREATHMINTS and Candy...some of the forms have not made me too sick...

    I think they should take it COMPLETELY OFF the MARKET PERIOD!!!! it is causing alot of MYSTERY SYMPTOMS for alot of unsuspecting people.

    Yes we should all just RUN FOR THE HILLS and GROW OUR OWN!!!!! I do grow alot of my vegies in the summer months.

    I am soooooooooooo glad that so many of you are reading my post!!!

    Have a Wonderful week

  13. Ness

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    just bumping so more can see this.
  14. LisaMay

    LisaMay New Member

    My goodness, I am in trouble! I battle daily headaches and had no idea that I could possibly be contributing to them. I guess we have to be part chemist in addition to the many other hats we wear.

    I will view the site directly, but thanks for the eye opener. Lisa
  15. Ness

    Ness New Member

    Bumping again because this contains Important info....
  16. grammy48

    grammy48 New Member

    Found at (Edited to remove URL)

    Could you or someone you love be the
    one in four to die of cancer?

    Do you value your health and theirs enough to stop using products that can potentially cause cancer?

    The products I’m talking about include toothpaste. Mouthwash. Deodorant. Shampoo. Conditioner. Skin lotion, sun block, shaving cream, bubble bath, cosmetics and more. Products that most people put into their mouths and onto their bodies every day, without a second thought.

    But wait! I don’t mean stop using personal care items or the whole world would be in trouble, right? I do mean … stop using most brands of these items because they contain chemicals identified by experts as known or potential carcinogens. Chemicals with the potential to gradually poison you and increase your risk of cancer.

    Chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate.

    And Sodium laurETH sulfate.

    And propylene glycol.

    And diethanolamine or DEA.

    And trienthanolamine or TEA.

    And fluoride and alcohol, to name a few.

    And guess what? The chemicals I just named are on a United States Government list of 884 toxic or carcinogenic chemicals that are actually deemed acceptable for use in personal care products.

    One reason is that only three percent of the 75 thousand commercial chemicals approved for used today have ever been tested for safety.

    And one exposure to a safe level of a chemical like DEA may not be harmful … but long-term daily use IS harmful because it builds up in your system over time. This ingredient has been banned from personal care products in Europe for decades.

    Despite the potential dangers posed by these chemicals, mass-market manufacturers use them because they’re cheap and they create the look, feel and scent of a health-enhancing product.

    World-renowned toxicologist Dr. Samuel Epstein has said, quote, “The lifelong use of these products clearly poses a major avoidable cancer risk to the great majority of United States consumers, particularly infants and small children.” Unquote.

    Peter Phillips, in a PBS television special, called this toxic exposure it the second most under-reported scandal in America.

    And consumer advocate Ralph Nader says these toxic chemicals just don’t have to be in personal care products, period.

    Tom Mower proved it by manufacturing the first full line of toxin-free personal care products back in 1986. And they turned out to be more effective than the mass market products found everywhere from grocery stores to salons.

    Tom named his company Neways. And he set out on a lifelong anti-cancer mission with safe, effective products that give consumers a choice.

    At last. Neways gives you a choice. You can’t control all the environmental causes of cancer, but you can control your own decisions on which products to use.

    Wouldn’t you switch brands today if you could get personal care products that are absolutely safe and amazingly effective?

    Wouldn’t you switch brands if you knew this would remove one more threat of cancer from your life and the lives of others?

    And wouldn’t you switch brands if you could buy these great Neways products from YOURSELF instead of someone else?

    Well, that’s what being in business with Neways is about. Products you can trust, a company you can trust, and a mission that targets one of the most avoidable causes of cancer.

    I mentioned Dr. Samuel Epstein a moment ago. He founded the Cancer Prevention Coalition and received the Right Livelihood Award for his lifelong work in educating people about avoidable environmental toxins. This award is known by many as the Alternative Nobel Prize.

    The Cancer Prevention Coalition awarded Neways the prestigious Seal of Safety for its pioneering work in the development of personal care products that are free of cancer-causing ingredients.

    Now you have this unusual opportunity to join the fight against cancer and other needless health problems. You can do it by joining Neways and spreading the word … and you can reap substantial rewards. It’s an opportunity to build health and wealth combined.

    When you think about this opportunity, remember that cancer is now striking one in three women and one in two men … and that one out of four people will die from it.

    Get back to the person who sent you here. Ask for the list of harmful ingredients and then read every label in your bathroom. I bet you’ll be shocked by every label.
    So now I’ll end this message right where it began. Do you value your health, and the health of people you care for, enough to switch brands? We invite you to do so.

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    If you find the petition please let me know where it is becuse I want to sign it too.....It is terrible to think that the everyday things in our life that we just use and don't even think twice about are hrming us..and KILLING us!!!

    I am glad that I could share this info and Thanks for the other info Grandma!!!! Yes..It just burns me UP!!!!

    Who knows maybe the things we have been using are causing us all to be sick!!! What is this world coming to???? They don't test things enough before they are put out for us to buy!!!!


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    not to eat processed foods (well, as much as possible). why would you want to put something into the temple that is your body- that has been tampered with, contaminated by, and depleted of all life-giving nutrients by a bunch of people who are more interestd in the bottom-line... PROFIT??? they DO NOT give a hoot about our health OR our lives!!

    well, OK... so maybe vitamins & other supplements have been "processed".. things you can get in the health food store are "processed"... but i think we can all use our judgement. READ LABELS. anything that is not recognizable as food or a nutrient we need to avoid. in general, if something has more than a few ingredients, it is a bad sign. our bodies are not trash cans!!

    this is why i believe that people should support their local organic farmer's market... they are everywhere, if you look. if not, you can get organic and minimally-processed foods in health food stores. the more we support them, the better!

    and as for asian food... i for one am OVER chinese "fast food" with its greasy, salty, "brown sauce/white sauce" schtick that has been dumbed down for american consumers. thai and vietnamese food is much better, as are asian noodle places. pho broth is one of the best cures for what ails you... and most of these places don't add MSG- although it's best to ask to be sure. the spices are so good they don't NEED to mask the flavorlessness with such crap as MSG. who needs it?????

    then again, you can always make a version of your favorite chinese dish at home!!