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    janet thanks for your response.
    the town i am from is so small and my dad owns a very busy farm supply store so we know everyone up here. i have been in kansas city mo. since 1985. every one knows i have cfs and a pituitary macroadenoma and they ask my dad out of concern as to how i am doing . so the women already know about my sickness.
    when the abuse was going on my stepmom did not work and my dad went to work at 6am and did not get home until about 6pm. we went to church on sunday and wens night's as a family. the only thing that ever happened was in the 9th grade during gym class. a teacher i knew had seen brusing on my legs up as far as she could see until my gym shorts covered the rest. she told another teacher who looked out after me back then and they called some place and filled out a report. of course i lied and still got the heck beat out me for telling. she told my brother and i that she would kill us if it ever happened again, so we made shure it didnt.
    she could not control her rage so she had to control the enviroment by changing from a demon to an angel if someone showed up or if dad was around. i have never seen the kind of control that she had over my dad. it is amazing looking back and my dad has said a couple of times that he was not the one to build a successful business but it was her, "meaning he was at work all that she would let him to get away from her". people think i should be mad at my dad as much as her and i was and never even knew it, so we have worked n it for the past 6 years.
    i remember the 1st time i went to a psyc doctor, he was here in town and i spent 4hrs with him. he did not believe me and my brother and my uncle had to go out and verify my stories. his reason was most people who endure this kind of abuse for 15 years like i did end up in jail, become drug or alcohol addicts, very anti social personalit's or even homocide or become a abuser them selfes.
    here again small town and he knew my family and me pretty well.
    as of today i respect women and have no anger or get even thoughts at all. in fact when i was taking my pre med courses they were in 8 week semesters instead of 16 so we went from 8am intil 5 pm a very heavy load. a lot of the women were single mothers and had to study the same thing i did plus take care of the kids as well, so i admire women instead of disliking them. i have and can continue to learn from them.
    thank again for the ear. bill m

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