PLEASE READ!!!!! Journey for aids and cancer reasearch!!!!

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    My name is josh. Im from arkansas, and im just plain tired of aids and cancers
    damage to my human breathren, so Im going to do something about it. Ive been planing a journey from one end of this country to the other, virgina beach to san fran, solely on the soles of my shoes. Its about 3000 miles, and my goal is to spread as much info as possible about aids, cancer, and the exsisting charities therein. Ive a few supporters and many who opose this, but I feel that if people see that one young man was so tired of this, all of it,
    (cancer took my grampa, aids my best friend) that he devoted all his time, money and energy to this cause, then mabye people might take notice. I have deemed this project Fund The Truth, for obvious reasons. If you have any questions, comments, or support of any kind,and I mean ANY KIND, please send me an email at Thank you for your time reading this and I wish you well with your reasons that brought you to this message board.