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    Dear All,

    This is an announcement of a new forum focused on discussion and research of methylation in relation to ME/CFS. While the new forum’s focus is similar to the present Yahoo Groups forum—CFS_Yasko—it is also different in significant ways.

    • It uses the latest version of the phpBB platform which is more versatile than the platform available on Yahoo Groups. This platform gives more options for the functioning of the forum, an excellent search engine, and a Private Messaging system.
    • The scope of discussion will include all research and clinical approaches to understanding and optimizing methylation function.
    • There is also a section called ME-CFS Research (Experimental Research & Biochemistry).
    • The new forum is now open at: and all are welcome to join.
    • Although the scope of the new forum will be broader (all research, protocols, and treatment concerns relevant to methylation), Dr. Yasko’s and Dr. Van Konynenburg’s protocols will continue to be discussed.
    • The Files Section from CFS_Yasko will also be available on the new forum.
    • Here is a link to the information section of the new forum: http://me-

    This forum will not replace the CFS_Yasko forum, but complement it, giving participants wider options for their discussion and a platform with more flexibility.

    Best wishes,
  2. circle2

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    this is a really good new forum, for anyone who wants to talk more specifically about the biochemical protocals for cfs.[This Message was Edited on 07/12/2009]

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