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    I just got back from the new Rheumy today and he said it was FM not lupus. I did not have all of the 11 tenderpoints but I was close. He said that maybe next week I would have all 18 b/c with FM you can have all 18 one day and 6 the next. He said the ANA of 320 was nothing. He put it like this: you can line up 50 healthy women and half of those women would have a positive ANA and out of those women only 1 would have lupus. Also I had a negative ANA 6 months ago and if you have a negative or low titer ANA than the liklihood of lupus is zero. I hope this makes you feel better. It's tough being a nurse because we know just enough to be dangerous and then your mind begins to wonder about all of the possibilities with an illness like lupus. He told me that I will have to find out what combination of drugs will work for me. Currently I'm taking neurotin, zanaflex, trazodone, lexapro and ultram. Madwolf does this make sense of what the rheumy told me. I would love to hear from anyone back.
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    Hi Shannon, just stopped to welcome you to the board. I also have FM, and the doctor is right, the pain can vary in different places from morning till evening.

    I have had FM for over twenty years, and I can sure agree with that!

    My husband always tells me I have 'one pain', and it travels all over my body.

    Hope you get some relief soon. Again, welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Thanks Shirl for making me feel welcome. Finally, after 8 years of this misery I got a diagnosis besides possible MS, lupus, Sjogren's or CIDP. Since I know what I have I can deal with it and move on.
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    Shannon, I'm so glad it's not lupus!!!! Fms is bad enough without an autoimmune disease too. It took me 4 years to get the fms only diagnosis. You'r e right, nurses know too much sometimes and it's scarey.
    sounds like you're on the right treatment track. hope the meds work for you. Let me know, I'd like to hear from you!