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    Hi to you all,
    Just read NFA volume3,no.14 today & feelthis may be important to lot on this site,if you can access please do as you may be able to help someone who needs it.
    Michael Davidson is President of the Summit Organization,Inc.
    He write that most people have been denied Social Security disability benefits in Fibro cases because they have the false & dangerous assumption that the medical evidence will be enough to get them allowed.Most of all successful SSec Fibro cases are allowed on strong personal MEDICAL/PSYCHIATRIC & VOCATIONAL EVEDENCE.The Personal,phsychiatric & vocational evidenceis theleverage that"s CRITICAL TO GETTING YOU ACROSS THE FINISH LINE A WINNER,Why?
    The final & most significant blow with respect to your inabilty to work & being allowed Social Security disability benefits is how your concentration,persistence & pace are severely affected as a result of your severe pain & depression.
    All are important in reference to your inability to sustainfocused attention & concentration for long enough to permit the timely & appropiate completion of tasks commonly found in work settings.
    Having current personal & psychiatric evidence will go along way to verify the fact that you are unable to Do your past work or any other work without exeption.
    In closing I can only hope that some of the info I have shared will make your journey to get disability benefits you deserve less taxing.
    Sorry its so long but i wanted as many of you tp o read it as possible because the more of us see this the more people we can help,we have to keep fighting to win Social Security Disablility cases because we all deserve to win.
    Hugs to you all ((((((((((((((kind regards & i reall yhope this helps sharon dawber (UK)
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    Hi Sharon: Thanks for sharing this information. I applied for disability back in March of this year and I am expecting to hear a decision sometime this month. I recently spoke to my "case worker" and she said she was sending my paperwork to the doctors. She said she wasn't going to set up any appointments for me now because "I seem to have enough to deal with." I had started keeping a daily health diary during the time I had one of my severe headaches and remembered the advice from the lawyer Scott Davis - consistency, severity, and duration. My biggest on-going problem has been my inability to "process thoughts" and my short term memory. This has been devastating for me since I've been an admin assistant since I was 16 (now 47) and my biggest asset was my organizational skills. Without "processing" and "memory" ability, I can't imagine doing well at ANY job. Oh well, sorry to ramble. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get approved. Good luck to all in this "quest."
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    Thanks for sharing the info in that article. I tried to read it last night and kept getting an error message when I clicked on the link. I appreciate your assitance to us in this way.

    My stiff is almost all in and I think it includes everything except the vocational testing, which I know my attorney recommends, but the last time I asked about it he told me to hold off until I have a judge assigned to my case. Then he will know if we can get it taken care of befoe the hearing or have to go through with the hearing with every bit of information possible.