Please Read: Until you read "The Thief of Many Lives"

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    Until you read "The Thief of Many Lives" you too may have questioned the validity of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a real illness. It is VERY real, especially for us the sufferers and our caregivers. The credibility and validity of this disease has long been a most difficult message to convey to our Government, Physicians, Healthcare Professionals, friends, families and general public. What makes this even more challenging than how we might physically appear is the inappropriate name given to such a serious and debilitating disease. Consequently, one of the worse things someone can say to a person with CFS is how well we look on a particular day... we must be feeling "better" ... "better" than what? Death? Unfortunately, CFS victims generally do not feel better than death... warmed over or otherwise! Lengths of time go by, months, seasons, and then years when all of our reserved energy is used simply to eat and breathe and those are the “good” days. Unfortunately, not many see this, as most people with CFS are left to suffer behind closed doors. Unexplainably, our cries for awareness, and validity continue to fall upon deaf ears. WAKE UP AMERICA (or other country)!!! CFS is at epidemic proportions destroying lives and affecting millions of people worldwide.
    May 12th is International CFS Awareness Day. Please make your voice be heard. Inform others about the tragic impact this illness is having on you, your loved one and our nation (your country).

    BE AWARE OR BEWARE… As you could be writing this letter from your bed next May 12th.