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    Especially if you live in the southwestern region of Ca., Az, and N.M., I think.

    This flu bug that has hit everyone so hard has really attacked us all big time here. I had a flu shot 2 weeks before I came down with this bug. But it attacks the respiratory system and goes in to the bronchioles and becomes either bronchitis or pneumonia.

    My daughter and sister both had pneumonia last week, and are just reovering after being treated for 7-10days.

    Mine, I'm sure is bronchitis-I'm not really wheezing, but I've had the temps, sweats, chills, couging all day and night.

    Sadly, the wife of my SIL's boss, who also has fibro, just died from this flu bug. It's just so hard to know what to do or not do. I am on so many meds, that I had to call and ask my doc what I could take to help the coughing.

    I don't trust the urgent care we have here-they've misdiagnosed me several times. My doc is over 20 miles away, and I DO NOT feel up to driving to him!! Fortunately, he knows me well, and was able to help me over the phone.

    But please, guys, if you get these symptoms-aching, coughing, temps of 102 or above, chills, night sweats, shortness of breath ( a BIG one!!! ), get to a doc that you trust and knows about your fibro right away!!!! THANKS PG