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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by supergirl99, Oct 13, 2006.

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    Feeling strange at the mo. Writing this i'm feeling ok - quite positive actually. Yesterday no some other day but never mind that doen't matter, I had to go to the doctors for an urgent appointment (live in the uk by the way) because I was very very low again. I consistently get low when the days get shorter and this is my third 'official' year of it so they are now calling it SAD (I think they are anyway!). I have had depression for 11 years but have been med free for sometime (can't remeber but about 6 months). When I was diagnosed with CFS it hit me hard but at least I'm not mad! I thought I was coping ok, you know a bit up and down. But then the nights came in and started getting angrier and more tearful and my sleep patterns are even more messed up. So I have gone back on meds and I have mixed feelings. I suppose I am ok with it because it's got to be better than chewing everyones head off at home! And it's got to be better than feeling this anxiousness I have. Which is another thing - I feel so tense it's unreal I have to remid myself to relax my jaw and I have an underlying headache that's just waiting to come out with a bang (think I will do some relaxation cds tonight). Off the thread again...........On the other hand I feel a bit like aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh will I ever be free of this!

    As for the CFS at the mo. I have done nothing for about 2 weeks now and I'm starting to feel a little better, just have to start again trying to pace myself and get the balance right, it just seems that each day my limits change!

    But on the whole feeling quite positive today (maybe a little in need of talking!!! hence the longgggg message!!!)

    Thanks for listening - I hope everone is having a good day!

    Chin up

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    I would imagine that the rest you had over the last two weeks helped you quite a bit. And yes: pacing now is very important.

    It must be difficult to differentiate between depression and CFS as far as energy level.

    Now that you are back on meds, it might make it easier for you.

    Relaxation CDs are terrific. i use them also.

    I hope you feel a little more better each day.

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    I also have SAD.Depression FM/CFS and a few other things.

    I wanted to let you know the way I tell the difference between my CFS and depression is this
    Depression seems to make me feel like I'm sad and blue or walking around in a gray kinda rainy day glum.My head in the Dark clouds.

    My CFS makes me feel like I'm more underground in exhaustion.More physical pulled downward.Like I cant pull loose or uncover the heavy Gray glum.

    Does this make since to you?

    I do find a lot of good rest helps both. I have dealt with depression for over 35 years.Going on and off of anti-depression drugs. 7 years ago I had a complete mental break down and my Doctors told me I should have always been on anti depression med's and that I will need to be on them all the rest of my life.

    That was not something I wanted to hear but I have worked very hard at coming back mentally ,so I have accepted I will always be on meds.
    My problem was a lack of serotonin so I need meds to surply me with that .

    you might talk to your Doctor I believe Sad can also be caused from ,a lack of serotonin . Keep watch so you do not have anything worse creep up on you.
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    for your replies. The anti depressant I am now on is - I beleive - one that deals with the seretonin or lack there of! Its Sertraline, which ( i have just read on the box!) is part of a group of SSRI's (Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors). It's day 3 of taking them now, and I think i'm already feeling a little brighter, although the weather has been ok too today which helps. At least this time I didn't sit in denial for months while I got worse and worse, I feel quite empowered that even though I was scared and nervous, I still went and asked for the help so thats good.

    As for telling the difference, I think I'm ok with that, I know that the fatigue - no, sheer exhaustion - I feel is different from depression, although, you're right sometimes the line between the two is very blurry.

    I have been looking into light boxes and have found one I would like to buy, at £100 it's not that dear (compared to others) but money is really tight so will have to wait a little while ( have also looked into renting but that is quite dear too). Will be buying one soon though.

    Now I am starting to feel less fatigued from the rest over the last two weeks, i'm going to get out and start walking, only light stuff though mind - don't want to overdo it ....... again!!! I think just 5 mins or so a day to start, get me out of the house in the fresh air!!!

    Thank you again for your replies, any further ideas are always welcome.


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