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    Dear All,

    Afer all these years with these DD's. you'd think that I would know the answer to my question - but I'm constantly noticing new patterns . Here goes, I hope someone can help me understand:

    I've been noticing that when I'm feeling kind of good, and I get involved and excited with a project of some kind, without realizing it, I soon over-involve myself. The result is that I become severely fatigued and overwhelmed, and am forced to pull back on activities and human contact. I become overly sensitive and sometimes quit, altogether. I've lost some friends, due to this. I kind of burn my bridges.

    Along with this comes severe anxiety, in the form of a very nervous stomach,extreme sadness that expresses itself in crying jags,then depression, and a need to try to keep moving, which, in turn, fatigues me more. I act and say things I normally wouldn't , and I'm far from my usual cheerful, patient self. :)

    Now, I know this is due to either CFS or Fibro. The question is, which one? I would be very grateful if anyone can help me understand what is happening. More grateful, still, if anyone has any ideas as to how I can prevent this. I try to be watchful, but constantly fail. I don't want to lose what I have, in the way of friends.

    Thanks a lot,

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    I come from a family of over-achiever/perfectionists, some of whom have autoimmune conditions.

    I have FM/CFS, my sister has Crohn's disease and my younger sister is, I'm sure, bi-polar. My daughter has depression with anxiety and also a lot of FM symptoms.

    Due to our varying conditions, we all share the common crash and burn after trying to do too much. Pain, fatigue, frustration all manifest in many ways. It's very difficult to cope with.

    I find that my emotions are held better in check by taking a low dose anti-depressant (50 mg Zoloft) daily. My daughter is also on a low dose of Paxil (another AD). My younger sister behaviour had been improving and reducing her spending urges, but now has taken herself of them. She's right back into chaos again.

    I think there are many different natural methods to help cope as well.

    Maybe it would be a good idea to sit down with your Doctor and tell him what you've written here. He may have some recommendations for you.

    All the best,

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    Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately, I'm very sensitive to chemical medications. I'm glad to hear, though,that there might be natural methods that can help.

    I'm going to ask my acupuncturist about it. (My M.D. knows nothing about herbs and supplemnts).

    Thanks, again,
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    What I do to prevent crashing is when I'm being "active", I go check myself every few minutes or so. I go lie down and see how I feel. Because it's while I'm doing something that I can't tell I'm pushing myself. It's only after I stop and go lie down that I can feel how much I have pushed myself and if I've done too much and need to stay lying down or if I can go on a little while longer. It's strange how that is. You'd think we'd get a better warning from our own body! karen
  6. I notice if I do something like wash windows, my shoulders and arms ache and I am in major pain. If I try to just rake leaves the same thing, I go into a flare. If I walk more than usual my hips hurt like all get out, etc. This dd is NOT fun is it! And to think I used to go, go , go, now doing a simple thing exhausts me.

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