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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by NewEnglander, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. NewEnglander

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    hey there
    I just got done talking to my sister and she has advised me that most people that she knows that is on as many medications as me or any meds for that matter has had regular blood testing down ordered by their doctors, I think she said like every other month.
    I don't know what the blood tests would be for other then to see how the liver is doing with all these meds in our systems. I really don't know.
    However I was a little alarmed about this because my son and I have been on plenty of medications through the years and our doctors have never had any testing down on us, blood or otherwise. Is my sister right? Do We need blood work or whatever kind of testing that is done.? I'm a little concerned here. maybe we need new doctors
    thanks so much
  2. blessings

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    Your sis is right!! You and your son should have periodic blood testing of liver profile. You can tell your doctor you want one done, and on a regular basis(every three months). If he or she won't do it, then I would find a physician who will. Take care, and God Bless;
  3. NewEnglander

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    thanks Blessings,
    I needed that info, but now I'm wondering what the heck kinda of doctor we have.
    think she just lost a few brownie point here. LOL
    oh well, I'll be asking for those test.
    God Bless
  4. herekitty

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    Some medications are eliminated through the kidneys. Depending on what you are taking, you may also need periodic testing of your kidney function.
    Kitty =^..^=
  5. TerriM

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    They usually run both Liver and Kidney function tests on a standard blood chemistry panel . . . also, it probably wouldn't hurt to have the general CBC done at the same time . . . hope this helps . . . Love, Terri