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    Hi there
    I have been so sick I have been unable to spend time on the board. since my car accident on march 16th I have been having a heck of a time getting the pain under control. the pain is making me so afraid.
    my doctor has been a jerk. My Chiropractor took some x-rays and my spine and neck is leaning to the left side, which is what my head is doing. it was my idea to go to the Chiro my doctor gives no referels. so what do I do next. do I go to a orthopedic doctor or what. I don't know what to do, what do I ask my doctor for. what do I need. where am I suppose to go. I just keep getting sicker. she's going to put me on oxycotin,. my neck keeps cracking.
    I know I'm not getting the care I need. after my visit with the the chiro I got really bad muscle spasms in my neck and was so sick and tired. how the heck am I suppose to do that 3 times a week. I'm going to show my x-ray s to my doctor and see what she saids. thats if she even wants to see them. I have been trying to keep track of my meds. this is what I do, write everthing down, drug wise to try and get the pain under contol. its not working. here it is
    (I checked w/ the pharmaphist before making this drug plan)
    8:00 am 1 vicodin and a motrin
    11:00 am 1 clonazepam to stay calm
    noon motrin 800mg
    1:00pm half a soma and half a vicodin
    4:00pm half vicodin
    4:30pm half vicodin
    7:00pm a motrin
    8:00pm a soma ect ect, the night is young. I keep packing my neck and back in ice.
    I'm not seeing my doctor till the 10th this month. she is taking away the vicodin. I'm trying to rashin them. I also take hydroxyz for itching. I'm trying really hard not to take too many pills since I don't know what I am doing. before I just wanted to get the right meds now I just want to find out if my spine is okay...
    I may have to bump this a few times cause this board moves fast and I could use the advise.
    God Bless anyone who could read such a long and boring letter.
    Love Lisa
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    Lisa, for what it's worth, your situation sounds very much like mine did before I went to the podiatrist. I had spasms everywhere, lower back, hip and knee pain, you name it. It seems that, as a result of wearing shoes with no arch support, my arches had fallen which was causing me to walk and stand in such a way that my spine was being forced out of position. I went to my chiropractor several times a week trying to get relief but it never helped for long.

    I still have some pain here and there from arthritis and a little FM but NOTHING like I had before I got myself standing on two good feet. I will still get occasional chiropractic adjustments but I won't need to live there.

    PS. This definitely is not good news for shoe lovers like me since orthotics fit into not-so-pretty shoes. Still, being rid of the soul-deadening constant pain is worth it.

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    bump. Is it too late to bump??
    God Bless and thanks
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    You need to be seen by a neurologist or an orthopedic Doc, especially after a car wreck, and a Doctor who sounds like she is not investigating your pain, and what damage might have occurred.

    You can probably forget showing your xrays from the chiro to the doc, as most won't even look at them. For the most part each doc wants to order and have their own set of films. (not only that but some docs doubt the validity of chiros) A neuro will prob. order films, and possibly cat scans, and MRI---much more extensive info than you can obtain from your chiro.

    You need to INSIST on a referral, or see ANOTHER GP, who will give you a referral to a specialist. First and foremost, you need to find out what may be damaged, and secondly need pain control, and anti-inflammatories if warranted. The two vicodin you are taking--well, isn't squat--for pain relief in a days time, if your pain is severe. You shouldn't have to ration them. If after your appointment on the 10th, if she will not give you a referral, or address your pain probs., I would go elsewhere.

    Can I also suggest that ice on an injury is good the first 24 hours afterwards to reduce inflammation, but then a switch to heat is made, with heating pads or heat packs.
    Best wishes, LL

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    (I'm a New Englander also)
    I don't know if anyone mentioned it, but it seems to me that you need a new primary care doctor. What good is a doctor who won't make referrals when needed, may not be interested in x-ray results, etc.
    I don't know if this is a possibility for you, but I would be thinking about it.
    If you are in more pain after treatment, maybe something else is needed, and you need someone you can rely upon to know what you need.
    I hope you are feeling better soon.