Please remember the 3 girls whose mom died suddenly

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by kriket, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. kriket

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    A while back my dad's g/f died suddenly. She was only 43. Her girls are really having a hard time dealing with the sudden loss of their mother. They are all grown and on their own, but they are just lost.

    My dad is dealing with it fairly well, but does a good job of hiding feelings too. It has been about a month since she has passed away, but there is still a lot of healing left to do.

    Please remember my dad and her 3 girls in your prayers. I know they really help. I have been trying to stay strong for everybody- the girls and my dad and could use some support too.

    I have been trying to get things done with cleaning out her house and am having a hard time also especially physically. I pray that I can make it through physically until we get finished trying to go through and clean stuff out of the house. Thank all of you so much. Much love.

  2. Mamal

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    My thoughts and prayers are with your Dad and his g/f's (that passed away) three daughters. It has to be very difficult for them. Take care of yourself too. My prayers are with all of you.

  3. tlayne

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    Your father, and these daughters to my prayer list. May you God hold and comfort all of them. Love, Tam
  4. morningsonshine

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    Adding my prayers too, hang in there, You sound like you have alot of people counting on you. Are any of the daughters close enough to help with the cleaning??

    Might also be a good time for them to talk about there mother?

  5. MamaR

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    Sweetie...I pray for you through this. It seems alot is falling on your shoulders.

  6. kgangel

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    Dear Kriket

    I pray God will hold them and your dad and family in his loving arms to give them peace

    May God Bless you


  7. Asatrump

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    Please add my prayers for all people concerned. I also pray for your strength to continue helping and caring.
  8. kriket

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    Only one of the 3 girls is really able to do most of the work,that is why I am trying to help so much. One of the other girls is on drugs really bad and has dumped her 2 children on the oldest sister.

    So, the oldest sister has to watch the kids while we ( me and the middle daughter try and clean) Yes, we are on a deadline. The middle daughter is buying her mom's house and she can't really afford 2 mortgages, so we are having to push push push.

    Every once in a while we stop and have an emotional breakdown, b/c it is all too soon to have to do all of this and we find little notes and things that her mother had written-journals and such. Anyway, we are almost there, with finishing the house-cleaning it out.

    There is still painting and re-carpeting to do. Someone else is going to put the new carpet down. We (us girls) pulled it up and threw it out the windows. I can't help w/ the painting cause of the chem. but I am trying to do all I possibly can. Please continue to pray for God to carry us through and to strengthen all of us.

    Much Thanks