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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Shaylee, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. Shaylee

    Shaylee New Member

    Hello Everyone and my Dearest Friends,

    I have had a sleepy day today as I did not get out of bed until 4:30 this afternoon. Do not know if it was the meds or CFS/FM. Whatever it was I must admit it felt good.

    Doctor put me on Valium yesterday for the day pain I have in my legs. He said he had never heard of FM affecting the legs. Do any of you have leg pain out there. If so please tell me and let me know. I also have tingling in my legs and feet and feet pain.

    I hope each and everyone of you have had a wonderful day today. I am so thankful I found this sight, or I would really not know what to do. It is so nice to have people help, listen, and understand me and my pain.

    I love you all,

  2. jeanderek

    jeanderek New Member

    I have leg pain, sometimes leg cramps but have those undercontrol for now. I have aching and have swelling as well. I have burning feelings in my feet too sometimes as well as that tingly feeling that your talking about. I have heard alot of others talking bout having leg pain to so I don't know about what the doctor said lol. Hope you feel better and glad you got some rest today.

  3. charisma1973

    charisma1973 New Member

    I have it constantly from the knees down. When it gets really bad it is from the waist down-like yesterday I had a very hard time, I wished I had an epidural or something. I am still searching for something to make mine better.

    I cramp up and my legs seem to be stiffening and "drawing" up. I would like to try yoga or something to stretch and I think maybe that would help me as much as anything, but just the thought of that makes them hurt!

    Let me know if you find something good to help-
    Good Luck
  4. joannie1

    joannie1 New Member

    I Haven't given you a welcome to our little corner of the world yet. i do hope you enjoy it as the rest of us do.
    Now on to your question, yes, I live my life with this pain. It all began with this and led into being this DD. I have no answers nor any solutions for it. Infact our seasons are changing here so much that I am doubling some of my meds just to be able to think due to the pain. My pain starts in my low back and goes all the way to my three inner toes. they swell and feel like someone has lit them on fire. They too are so sensative that i hate to put any weight on my foot because the slightest touch sends horrible pain through my sciatic nerve. Pretty crazy but you aren't alone on this one.
    Welcome to the sight and take care.

    LITEFLAMES New Member

    Hi shaylee,
    Yes we do get restless leg / also some of us have hip & knee pain ,this DD ,so effect's all of our soft tissue!!
    you should look it up on the search topic at the top of the pg, And then bring it in to you"r Dr, I swear they don't keep up with our DD , I was once told by a very Good friend ,When it comes to this DD you must fight harder then
    anything else in you'r life to become Educated, So the old saying is true ,The moor ya know lol,,This board has been a Godsend to me also , We can fill all alone out there ,And this baord answers question's before we even relised ,"O that problim is part of my fibro ,example brain fog , i thouhjt my friend"s wear right , they'd say ( Yea you lived in calif to long the sun got to you"r Brain) It was funny , but I knew it was moor then just that ,
    God bless you on you'r journey
  6. Ellie5748

    Ellie5748 New Member

    First, your name is beautiful. Second, I have RLS along with FM and a bunch of other stuff, and quite a bit of pain in my hips. There are also days when it's all I can do to walk on my feet. I guess it all depends on what this DD wants to do to me on any given day. I am truly at it's mercy. So many DR.'s say that it doesn't get worse with time, but I DON'T buy that for one second! You just have to except your limits and TRY to go with the flow. I think it stinks but what else can you do? Have a gentle day.


  7. phenom

    phenom New Member

    pain in the legs is my worst symptom by far.

    also, where did this doc learn about FM? the diagnostic criteria is pain in all four quadrants of the body, above and below the waist. i'm pretty sure that means legs! duh! bit of a sour mood today - can you tell?! sorry.

  8. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Shaylee:

    A nap sounds so good right now! Funny that you should mention leg pain, because that is what disrupted my sleep last night (that and hip pain). Yes, I also have feet pain-sometimes I just get an aching pain and sometimes a sharp pain,which fortunately only lasts a couple of seconds. Sometimes, my toes hurt, too. I think you probably will have lots of company on this one.

    I agree with you about this message board. It has been a great help for me. I get on here during my breaks at work (no computer at home) or if I have a slow time. It reminds me I am not alone with FM and it really helps me get through some days!

  9. Echos

    Echos New Member

    I have the most intense leg pain all the time. I have it so much, I can describe it to a tee. Mine feels like it is within the marrow of the bones in my legs. I feels like someone is taking one of those large round files and grinding it up and down the marrow of my bones. The pain is so horrible, sometimes it puts me in tears. I get tingling in my right leg, ankle and foot with some numbness. I've had a million x-rays only to find nothing at all. I also have severe hip pain that also feel within the marrow. When it first started I thought for sure I had leukemia or something. It was a scarey thing for me. I have yet to find anything that relieves this pain within my bones.

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