PLease say a little prayer for me!

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by TiffanyL, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. TiffanyL

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    Tomorrow I am going to have tubes put in my ears without anesthesia. Pray against infection and a lupus flare. Every little thing makes my lupus worse these days. Thanks!
  2. Takesha

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    I will keep you in prayer throughtout the rest of the day tomorrow.
    Father, I ask you in the name of Jesus to comfort Tiff as she faces this medical procedure. Please help her to enter into your rest, and be at total peace. Father I also ask that you place your skill into the hands of the doctors, that they complete this procedure without difficulty or pain. I pray that this procedure will not trigger and adverse effects in Tiff's body and the the enemy will be prevented from causing any Lupus symptoms to arise. Lord, I also pray that you will help Tiff to focus on you and your greatness throughout the rest of this day, and before during and after this procedure tomorrow. Cause her mind to be free from worry and her emotions to be free from fear, for you have your hand upon her and are holding her in the sacred places.In Jesus name. Amen
  3. Sunrise

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    Heavenly Father put your gentle hand upon Tiff, keep her safe from pain and sickness. Put your hand upon the Doc and guide him gently as he works on Tiff`s ears. In Jesus name we ask this, Amen. Blessings to you Tiff, you will be fine. Trust in Jesus, Sunrise
  4. fibrojewel

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    Sending lots of hugs, and love and prayers your way! I pray that God heal your ears, and keeps you from a flair.

    Know that I am praying and thinking of you!

    Love In Christ,
  5. TiffanyL

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  6. Shirl

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    Tiff, blessings too.

    Shalom, Shirl