Please say a prayer for Betty

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by coyote, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. coyote

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    Less than a year ago, a friend, Betty, was operated on for Mesothelioma, the lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure. Her lung, lung lining, heart lining, and diaphram were remonved. In this new proceedure, her chest cavity was left open for an hour and flushed with chemotherapy drugs. The doctor thought everything went well, and told her, not less than two months ago to expect a long life.
    This morning she was operated on for cancerous tumors in her abdomen. I am sure this is very bad news. She is still in her forties, and was in the prime of life.
    Please remember her in your prayers.
  2. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Will be praying for Betty. I lost my parents and only sibling, my brother to cancer. All were in their fifties.

    Please keep us up dated on how she is.

    God bless...........

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. coyote

    coyote New Member

    Thanks Shirl, I haven't heard any news today.
    I will write again.
  4. selma

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    I'll keep her in my prayers. Love, Selma
  5. coyote

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    Thanks for your prayers. i'm not sure that she will recover from this disease, but I know that God can bring healing into her life.
    She is still in the hospital.
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  6. Revella

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    pray for your friend, Betty. My grandfather, grandmother and great-grandparents died of cancer. I pray God will give her comfort and healing. Also that He will help you during this difficult time
  7. coyote

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    came home from the hospital today and said she is feeling better after surgery. I was glad to hear that she has gotten some relief. i believe she will go through chemo, but the dr.s haven't given her a prognosis yet.
    Let us be thankful for the small things in life.
    I'm sure that all your prayers are helping her.

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    SOULWRITER New Member

    In the Name of Jesus as I pray may Betty keep strong and her family as well I do not know her but it seems yo me that God hears all amen
  9. coyote

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    Revella and Soulwriter. I appreciate all your good wishes and prayers.