Please say a prayer for Granni's DD.....

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    Hi all,

    Granni's daughter Lynne was in an awful car accident yesterday. Because DD lives far away from Granni, few details are available at the moment. I'm sure when Granni gets more info, she will update us.

    In the meantime, please read the Porch Vol 861, to see what Granni posted yesterday. Granni is post number 26 on that thread.

    Please say a prayer for DD Lynne, and her husband and young son; and all of Granni's family.

    Thinking of you and saying prayers. We look forward to hearing from you, Granni, when you get a chance. Take good care of you!


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    Thank you so much for posting Diane. So now we wait some more to see if they think they need to do surgery . It depends on the xray after she walked a little bit around her bed this morning, So far no word except they wait. Please keep on praying y'all.

    Love you,
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    Praying, Granni. God help. Amen.

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    Prayer in the prayer box. I think it's good news that she was up and walking. I hope surgery isn't necessary. Lots of love and prayers coming your way.

    Love, Mikie
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  6. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi , everybody --

    Granni's daughter sounds like she is making a recovery. Yippee. I know DD will have to take it slow, and continue to recover. But, considering the impact of a 6-car accident, I agree with Granni -- the angels were with her DD.

    Granni's post from yesterday afternoon is copied here:


    ".....It sounds almost like a miracle. DD is coming home today sometime today. Her angels must have been doing double duty that day with that 6 car accident. Guess she is doing pretty well and they found no more problems and the fx wasn't moving. DSon is on his way there now to be of some help if he can maybe to help move stuff home that she acquired in the hospital. I am guessing a walker for sure. She is not doing much and can't sit up very well. She may be sleeping on her back which not everyone can do.

    Gotta run. DD#2 is going up for a week and then I will go up for close to a week. It is a bad time for me to be gone as I am doing rsvp's for a big gathering. My phone had better work well. Not sure if I can access our computer from hers or not. So much keeps changing.

    More later. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I will try and check in ..........

    Granni :)"


    Just thought I'd keep y'all on this Board updated.

    Still saying prayers, Granni, for you and yours; the prognosis sounds good!

    Love and prayers,
  7. hangininthere

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    Praise God.

    Praying for her complete recovery period. Amen.