please say a prayer for ME high court judicial review 17th june

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    The msg below was taken from the co cure website with a request to repost. In the uk ME/cfs patients are having a very hard time the NICE guidelines which only recommend cbt and get. This guideline is being challenged in the name of a young boy son of jane bryant.

    Please could you say a prayer for this day and help support this young man and his mother. What they are doing for us too ill to fight is a wonderful thing.


    There is to be an all-day Hearing in the High Court in London on the 17th June.

    It is an application for Judicial Review of the NICE guideline on "CFS/ME".

    It is hoped that as many members as possible of the media and public will be able to attend this important hearing.

    A press release will follow.

    If you would like to read further about this the website is below

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    I will also light a candle on that day.

    I appreciated seeing you post this on the ME/CFS/FM board, but now I see it's gone :(

    Are you planning to repost it there? The press release is out now, too.

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