Please say a prayer for the little Robin we found.

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    To some this may seem foolish, but it was rather upsetting for us. We had a terrible storm this afternoon and when I went outside awhile ago, I saw a bird nest on the front lawn. There were three little robins around it. Two were dead and the third little one wasn't. We tried to feed him worms, but he only took a part of one. Now we can't get him to open up his beak. We put the nest in a fork of the pine tree that it fell out of. I pray that somehow the mother will know he's there.

    A few weeks ago we had a miracle where my father's headstone was the place where a robin had decided to build her nest in the flowers on top of it even though there were trees everywhere. All three hatched and were perfectly fine. What were the chances of the bird using his headstone? This is almost like a slap in the face if all three of these robins die when the three lived at my father's church cemetery :(

    They used to say that mother birds won't come back after humans handle baby birds, but I know it isn't true because I've put small birds back in their nests when they've fallen out and the mothers don't seem to mind.

    Please lets pray for the little bird. He was a fledgling about a week or so from leaving the nest. Here's hoping his mother will come back and help him.


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    I went out today and looked in the tree. I had seen two Robins come out of the tree. It looks as if they've found him! Thanks for your prayers.

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    I am sending out prayers for your little robin. i am sure he also sent out a prayer for the angel that saved him.