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    I've been going in and out of flares since May. The pain is really wearing me out and making me nauseous. Can any of you please share some tips and ideas on how you 'survive' your flares--things that make you more comfortable, help you relax, ease the horrible, sharp pain? The flares seem to get nastier as time goes by.I try very hard not to complain, but it's getting harder and harder to deal with these flares. The pain gets so intense, it scares me.

    You all have so many wonderful ideas for everything--I appreciate your kindness and thank you in advance for your help...

    Hope you have a lovely and less pain weekend...

  2. I hear you, me too. I just try and relax as if you tense up too much then it only makes it worse. Try and read, watch tv or do needlework, etc. Hot showers help me, for me the mornings are always the worst. I won't say this is the easiest disease to deal with, no way. Good luck, feel better soon.
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    I have those nauseous flares all the time..I laydown with a fan hitting me and pillows on my back and stomach...I close my eyes and just relax...I have to do this several times a day...If you work then I think you should consider maybe staying at home?...L.
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    You guys are truly awesome! I can't tell you how you all have made my life so much better--I was diagnosed almost ten years ago, and until now, I've never spoken to anyone with FMS, MPS or CFS. It is such a relief to know I'm not 'alone' anymore! My kids are my lifeline and I appreciate that they are ALWAYS there for me, but still, if you don't talk with someone who knows exactly how you feel, there's something missing.

    In answer to some of your questions (sorry--my mind is gone today--memory shot), I have FMS, CFS, MPS, IBS, OA and the list goes on. I am never out of pain, eventhough I have a wonderful doctor who tries to make me as comfortable as possible with my meds. I hurt everywhere. The worst is my neck, shoulders, back, lower back (disk problem) hips, feet and hands. I did say everywhere, right? I have tried massage, chiropractor, TENS, water exercises, aerobics, you name it--it only seems to make everything angrier. I used to belong to the Butterfly (ladies gym). A lot like Curves but their machines are nicer. I enjoyed the exercise but after a while, I just started going into flare after flare. Like I'm doing now.

    I have a bad habit of pushing myself a lot--I use the excuse that I don't want others to think I can't do much anymore, but I really think I'm just trying to prove to myself that I can still keep up. It really scares me to think I can't, that my body is wearing out. Problem is, I'm down for the count today--not useful to anyone including myself. I need to find a happy medium--keeping up without pushing too hard. My kids are my only support-everyone else believes "the pain can't be that bad".

    I really can't thank you all enough for listening and answering. You all make a wonderful difference in my life...

    Have a beautiful weekend...


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    I just posted yesterday about nausea and pain.

    What you wrote is so much the same that I've been going through and have also tried all those things.

    The last few days...I just laid down with my pillows and cried.

    With all the prayers, today I'm better.

    It seemed the one thing I did do that helped the most, this time, was: I took one of those pain patches that you can get at Wal-mart, heat patch...ooohhh can't remember the name!! Anyways I cut a couple up and then plastered them wherever the pain was the most intense. Even had one on my sinus. I looked like an alien but it did help a some.

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    I am in a very bad flare right now. My best bets are the pain meds and rest, rest and more rest. I spend most of my time on the heating pad.

    If I go into a different room, the heating pad moves with me.

    Usually in a flare I do not want to eat, so I head for the soup and toast.

    And, of course, showing up on the message board helps.
    Even if I am in a bad flare, like now, I know that people understand so I reply to posts as long as i can.

    The time goes quicker and I know I am not the only one sick with these diseases.

    And diseases they are and that is something I can not forget.

    I have to remember to conduct my life around that and not the other way around.

    I hope you feel better real soon, Bonny.