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    Good morning all! I am new to this site, although I am def not new to the challenges and pain with chronic fatigue. I actually have multipule diagnosis: chronic fatigue, chronic depression, and anxiety disorder. I just had my 25st birthday two weeks ago. I was hope to get some tips and tricks you all have found to make daily life easier, like for example gadgets or helpers that require less energy or medication that has helped. Thanks everyone for your help!
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    Have a man in the house to open jars, use railings when going up or down stairs (a Labrador's tail works well also), take a break during the day and lay down for about an hour without any sensory input (It will do wonders), drink lots of fluids, break up grocery shopping into segments or take a break in the middle of it, get a laptop and a recliner with WiFi, go to bed early and at the same time every night and don't have anything stimulating- such as T.V. or computer an hour before bed time (if you are able to do this, let me know. I find this part nearly impossible), remember that talking on the phone, watching T.V. and even listening to the radio takes some mental energy, when temperature is nice, get some time outside in the sun.


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    Welcome to the board. Have you found the Depression board? Lots of good
    info there.

    You can read my profile to see what has helped me and what you might
    want to try. Just click on my name above. If it doesn't open, just try
    again later.

    Nowadays my social life consists mainly of visiting the Chit Chat board.
    Folks talk about their kids, pets, TV, books, music, old times, gardens, etc.
    Good place to relax.

    Best of luck to you.

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    I have learned to pick my battles, depending on the way I'm feeling that day. Do a task, take rest breaks, try not to stress yourself out (easier said than done for me).

    I cook very little, and when I do, it's simple stuff. I use the fewest pans/dishes to make clean up easier. Some day I hope to get my kids to help out more, so far they're useless!

    I have had luck w Provigil, Nuvigil, or Dexedrine ER to keep me awake and moving. Also helps alleviate the horrible aching if I get up and try to be active. Right now, I'm in a big time flare and just barely dragging myself off the couch! No fun.

    Grocery shopping is a killer for me...I need to break it up into smaller trips rather than one huge shop per wk. I am always exhausted and hurting after handling all the groceries and pushing the cart around the store. By the time I get home, I just put the frig/freezer stuff away and have to rest before putting the rest of the groceries away. I hate it!

    There is tons of info on this site, let us know if you have anymore questions. You can also use the search feature or look thru the library for certain topics. Good luck.

    xoxo Hermit