Please sign the Lyme Crymes petition (fraud against humanity)

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    What it says:

    Lyme Fraud Against Humanity

    The health status of the entire World has been and continues to be compromised in several ways by combinations too powerful to be suppressed in the ordinary way.

    In the early 70s chronic illness were not epidemic in our country unlike today with Fibromialgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus, MS, and ALS and many other debilitating illnesses that have been linked to Lyme Disease as you will see from papers on this web site.

    ThisWeb Site contains published papers from both camps that show treatment failure and inaccurate testing. We therefore demand, both United States Houses of Congress to investigate Lyme Disease Diagnosis, Testing, and Treatment protocols currently under the Center for Disease Control, CDC, The Infectious Disease Society of America, IDSA, the American Medical Association, AMA, and the American Academy of Neurology.

    This is a global petition and is not restricted to USA residents. We encourage you to leave a comment.

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