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  1. dizzidally

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    Hello everyone,
    This is only the second time for me to post a message, though I log in everyday to read messages. After visiting my rheumy several weeks ago, I made an appointment to see my G.P. this afternoon. The rheumy had contacted my G.P. via letter to say he thought it could be M.E. My G.P's initial thought on my first visit concerning my symptoms, she was pretty sure it was fibromyalgia.
    When I visited the rheumy he only moved my elbows and knees to see if he could find any arthritis. He never pressed any tender points, especially around my neck, shoulders, arms where I get the majority of pain. All my blood results came back as normal. My G.P. is now convinced it is now M.E. (though it has not been officially diagnosed). The only thing that convinces me that it is Fibro and not M.E. is the fact that I am so stiff in a morning and whenever I'm stationary in one position for a long time. Am I wrong, do you also have morning stiffness with M.E? I'm very confused.
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    I don't know but tho't I'd bump for ya to get it back to the front page.
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    I did a little research and the two seem very similar. Did you complain more about fatigue than pain? I think a lot of Doctors probably look at the two as being almost inter changeable, do you have more pain (fibromyalgia) or more fatigue (ME or CFS). I would ask your GP if this diagnosis will affect your treatment compared with a diagnosis of Fibro, since they seem to pretty much treat the symptoms with these things, it might not. Good luck.
  4. Rosiebud

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    I'm in UK too, Scotland.

    I was diagnosed with M.E. in late 94 - I have terrible muscle pain all over and yes, morning stiffness.

    Around 6 years ago I noticed pain in my legs was throbbing through night and was diagnosed with fibro too - they often go hand in hand. It's possible that you have both too.

    Your GP can verify if you have fibro by testing the tender points. You can do this yourself before you see your GP again. There is a chart of the bopdy showing the points on this board.

    Also you should have had blood tests taken to make sure you dont have arthritis, thyroid problems, diabetes, and a few more I dont remember. This is how they diagnose M.E. in UK, they rule out everything else.

    I have only had painkillers from my GP until a month ago when he agreed to try B12 injections on me, he is not giving me the amount that has been used in trials but half of that so it agrees with National Health guidelines but I'm grateful for what I can get. I get Pethedine and Co-codamol for pain, I've tried loads of other meds but they dont agree with me.

    Welcome to this board, you'll find lots of info here.

    Can I add that if you put Tansy in to the 'search' and then go down from 'Title' to 'Username' - you will find lots of info from Tansy who is also from UK. Mikie and Stormskye have loads of info you can see by doing the same.

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  5. dizzidally

    dizzidally New Member

    Thank you for replying, Rosiebud and everyone else. Yes, I have had all the usual tests which are normal. I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid 2yrs ago, which is now under control. The stiffness started about four years ago (I saw my rheumy then as well, because I was also getting pain and stiffness in my hands, I had blood tests then, as they thought it may be arthritis, but all normal results, even a scan on my hands, all ok, after this the rheumy just seemed to abandon me and I was left to think this is the way I'm ment to be) especially in my lower back, but this last year it seems to be everywhere. It takes quite a few minutes to descend the stairs in a morning, prizing my feet, ankles and knees to bend.
    When I saw the Rheumy a few weeks ago he asked me if I had had any severe accidents, which I told him I had, five years ago. It was a horse riding accident, where I had the horse fall and I was trapped underneath it, left with a hole in my arm and unable to walk for 3 weeks, but he seemed to think that I may have damaged my neck at the time. I have never had any trouble with my neck until now. I had an x-ray on my neck in August and everything ok. My illness seems to have come on so slowly without me noticing too much, just me thinking I'm getting older (only 35, somedays feeling like 90). With the accident and stress that I've had over the last 8yrs, it all points to fibro, in my eyes.
    I am not seeing the rheumy again as they are now sending me for physio. So how will I ever get a diagnosis. My work (there own medical board, I work for the council)have
    already contacted my doctor asking for a diagnosis, but my doctor can't give them one. I just despair.
    Thank you everyone again, reading your messages gives me hope.

  6. ellie5320

    ellie5320 New Member

    I have fms and very stiff if I sit 2 long especially in the car also a lot of pain aching and stabbing also cramps how well do you sleep at night? I rarely get a good night sleep although I am exhausted good luck I hope you get an answer as it is easier to cope knowing what is wrong maybe try another dr? just keep pushing it is your body and your life. my rheumy pressed on my back just below my neck, base of my spine, sqeezed my knee and the my foot and that is all he agreed with my dr of course when he did that the tears welled in my eyes it was so painfull .
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  7. FibroJo

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  8. Cakedec

    Cakedec New Member

    I know what CFS is; what is ME?
  9. dizzidally

    dizzidally New Member

    My doctor gave me a print out today. It says that the term CFS is often used by doctors. The term ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) is the prefered term by many people with the condition. Some people with this condition feel that the term 'fatigue' is an everyday word which does not reflect the different and severe type of fatigue that they have. Also, although fatigue to some extent occurs in most cases, it may not be the main or only symptom.
    Some people believe that there are two separate conditions- CFS and ME. Other people believe that the two conditions are the same - but symptoms can vary.
    Until these issues are resolved, many people now use the 'umbrella' term of CFS/ME.
    Hope this helps.
  10. smiffy79

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    cakedec,me ~ myalgic encapha (dooodaaa) thats what i call it i cant pronounce the rest of the 'e'
    can anyone else fill in my doodaaa ~ lol in a different senario that could be rude lol.

    dizzidally, hello i am in the uk too, east anglia.
    i have both me and fm so i couldnt answer wether the me makes me stiff or its just fm.

    on the rhuemy ~ i only had someone test my tender points when i had a state dr come out for benefits and he pushed until i yelled and pressed on it some more. i could have punched him!
    wait until you have your me dx and then gently push with your gp. thats what i had to do when i was dx fm first.

    all the best,smiffy
  11. Rosiebud

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    your GP should be able to give you a diagnosis of M.E. or/and Fibro. You have to persist with him til he gives you one.

    My GP diagnosed me with M.E. way back in 94 without me having to see a consultant but in 99 one of the other docs in the practice sent me to see a neurologist because she wasnt satisfied with my GP's diagnosis. The neurologist was horrid and ignorant but he gave me the same diagnosis.

    So your doctor can give you a diagnosis and you have to let him know that you need it for your work. If he doesnt then try to see another doctor.

    Good luck, let us know how it goes.

  12. Smiffy

    Smiffy Member

    Hi, I'm in Wiltshire & have a diagnosis of both these conditions. I'm convinced that they are the same illness, the symptoms overlap so much. However, in the U.K. they are treated as separate, so you could ask to be referred to specialists in both ( be very wary if offered a graded exercise programme for the M.E. - these are run by psychologists who believe that M.E. is all in the mind, & the M.E. Association has found that they make a significant number of people worse.)Good luck!

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