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    go about getting a new doctor. I really do not like my doctor, or the doctors office I go to. My first PCP, quit and went back to school to become(are you ready for this....) a science teacher! Hope he can teach better than he was a doctor, he treated me with no respect, and thought I was a young girl trying to get attention. When he left they brought in this younger doctor, who I thought was ok at first, but now he is treating me the same way, like I am a "bothersome" (sp?) patient and he has "better" things to do. I feel like everytime I call the office, the personal here my name and think that I am crazy.... anyways I am sick of all this and would like to know how I can just get all my records and move to another doctor. I do have my own health insurance, so do I have to call them? I just have no clue how to handle this. ( sorry, but my parents have always handled this for me, but now I am "grown up" so I have to handle all this fun stuff.) I would really like any input if anyone can help me !!!!!!!!!

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    Hi! My name is Tamara and in response to your post how to switch doctors, you simply call one and make an appointment. I suffered for 2 years and was told by 2 different doctors that i was jkust depressed. They put me on all kinds of anti-depressants (that weren't helping) I was also treated like a crazy drug addict. One day I got sick of it and made an appointment to get a new pcp. The first test he ran on me got me sent to a specialist. Doctors are not gods and they can make mistakes and be wrong. You must advocate for yourself ( no one else cares as much). If you have insurance that requires referrals for specialist's, you must go to your primary care physician and get a referral. You know your own body. If you feel like you are not getting good care go somewhere else (please!) You may have to pay a small fee for records transfer (around $30) but will be worth it if you find a doc who cares about you. Please post again if this didn't help....ok?

    good luck and God bless
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    Thanks for the replies. I do not know about the university hospital, I will have to look in to it. Thanks. I am going to have to call around for referrels. THANKS!!

    I just hope that I will be able to find a good doctor that cares enough, even if it is only something simple like a runny nose :).