Please someone be up this late, need help--- broken heating pad

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    Ok, I'm being a baby tonight! I've had yet ANOTHER heating pad go out on me. This last one works as high as the "medium setting", however it's not getting even hot enough to be medium for some reason. I will try to get out to get one in the morning, but what have yáll done for a make-do heating pad in a situation like mine tonight?

    To help rule out any obvious answers ... (not being smart, just trying to help everyone understand easily what's going on) I don't have a hot water bottle. I did have one of those spicy expensive pads that someone gave me that you put in the microwave... it works pretty well , but I think I burned it earlier in the microwave. It smelled so bad I nearly threw up :( Imagine popcorn overpopping with tons of spices on it UGHHHH I can't heat that thing up again.

    I was thinking I heard of people rolling warm towels, but they don't stay hot long enough, even after coming out of the dryer. I soaked in a tub of hot hot water, still not enough relief. I'm really suffering, so if anyone has an idea, please post it my way.

    Hope this finds yáll not suffering and having a nice, peaceful evening... Love, Cyndi
  2. Cyndi40

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    Everyone here is always so sweet to me when I post. I should hang out here more often. It's amazing how nice yáll are... I appreciate the ideas, still having some insomnia, but having some lower pelvic, lower back pain. Also, leg pain. I keep killing my heating pads... they are sometimes my only relief, other than hot baths. Thanks again sweet friends,
    love, Cyndi
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    Man, I got to thinking that my question and heading sounded very selfish! I didn't mean that I hoped people were up in pain. Please forgive me for coming across that way if I did. When you're in pain and you need relief, you don't always think the proper way to put something.

    I tried both things, and it's working!! Thank you God! and you guys also for helping me out. I've had some lower pelvic pain as far as lower back pain and leg pain... so the sock with rice is working on my pelvic/lower tummy and the towels will work on my legs, so hopefully I can get to bed soon.

    I feel like such a bum. It is nearly 6am and I haven't been to bed yet. I've taken plenty of meds that at one time would've knocked me flat on my rear end. I know today will be crazy because I won't want to get up til later and my life isn't normal like everyone elses. SIGH! Anyway, how do you all deal with feeling so down about not being able to deal normally? I feel like I've lost my life and I hate nights like this when I can't rest and I need to do so many things, but here I am trying desperately to find ways to get rid of pain so I can actually go to sleep... Sorry for whining, I'm just feeling at the end of my rope right now. God bless you all and thanks again for the ideas... I'm finally getting relief! And the rice or towel doesn't smell icky :) :) Night night, er mornin' mornin'some places (like here) ha
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    Ive got one of those moist heating pads cost me an arm an leg and kids take it and I can never go hunt it down, the suggestions are great, I know the kids wont steal a sock full of rice, lol.

    Im usually up really late, in pain too so vent away, If Im on and here Id be glad to hear ya, and we can whine together as Im only in moderate pain which is much different than my normal incapacitating pain, and only my arms, legs, butt, back, neck and tmj are acting up, so Im actually sittin at the desk opposed to the rolling back n forth on the couch looking for that elusive comfort.

    I am also all over the place on the clock when it comes to rest, never know when sleep is gonna be attainable.

    Im new here, nice ta meet ya, hope ya are nuh nite now, and sleeping peacefully, and comfortably....ZZzzzZZZ...zz...ZZ
  5. pam_d

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    I hope you're feeling better now...

    What is the deal with heating pads, anyway? I have two, one's a Sunbeam & I can't remember the other brand, but they never seem to last very long. And I don't use them daily, just occasionally. They seem to both start out OK, then I notice what you notice, the Medium setting's all I can get & it doesn't seem hot at all after a while, even though the light's still on.

    I don't get it!! Anyway, I have a microwaveable sack-thing, too---I don't like the rice-filled ones, they smell too much like rice & either make me hungry, or, if I'm having a migraine & nauseous, they make me feel sicker! But lots of folks swear by 'em.

    Hope you're feeling at least a little better by now!

  6. celtsalt

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    I am tired of buying heating pads. They last only a few months, especially Sunbeam.

    I use the longest knee socks I can find, fill one, then tie the end in a knot too. I nuke it in a bowl - to keep it clean- for 2 min. and lay it wherever I need it. If I need moist heat, I spray it lightly with plain water when I coil it into bowl in microwave.

    I use loosely woven socks to stretch out, cover my neck and scapula or thighs. I fill with Lima beans, lentils and flax seeds. They hold heat longer, don't smell, conform to curves, don't disintegrate like rice. My friend uses feed corn as she loves the smell.

    I use tightly woven socks for low back, hips. I fill with coarse sand, tie in knot at end. Heat 2 min. I emptied, then filled fluffy slippers with lentils and flax and nuke 1 1/2 min. for feet and hands.

    Any should be kept in baggie when not in use. Can be tossed in baggie into freezer for a few hours and used as cold packs too.

    I'm up most nights too. Namaste'

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  7. razorqueen

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    mattress cover for my bed, and that is nice, but I still need more concentrated heat in other areas. I use grain bags with barley that I've made myself. If you don't like the smell, somepeople put lavender or other essential oils sents in them.
  8. lea

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    Why keep them in a plastic bag?
    Also, doesn't Limas, lentlis etc. tend to have bugs after a long while?
    thank you
  9. CFIDSNicole

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    I had a monster headache the other night, so I stole one of my husband's socks and put some rice in it with lavender and eucalyptus oil on it. I thought it was a sinus headache. Turns out it was a migraine, so actually this was not a smart thing to do. It made it much worse.

  10. daylilyfan

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    I like a larger rice bags. I use a really soft "hand towel"... terry cloth works, but sometimes you can find them made from velour feeling towels. I use a sewing machine, and do this right on the top of the machine. You get an extra large bag of rice - I think I used 3 pound size. Lay the towel out flat, fold the towel over in half. Stitch almost all the way around, leaving just enough open to put the rice inside, then stitch up the rest. Put the entire thing in the microwave for 3 or 4 minutes, get it out and kind of squish it around, and put it back in for a couple minutes. Stays hot for quite a while. I have 2 of them. I heat both. I use down pillows, and I put one in between two down pillows while I use the other one till it's cooled off - then pull out the one that was between the pillows. The down pillows insulate it and that way I don't have to get up to heat one up. The friend who told me about making them puts lavender seeds in hers to make it smell nice.

    The thing about using hand size towels is that you don't have to cut any material, so no raveling edges, and it's just the right size to cover the entire small of your back, or your shoulders. [This Message was Edited on 08/26/2005]