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    is there a such thing as just someone having a life that completly, where there is absolutly no happiness at all. because those stupid reality shows and everyone in this is just so happy. i can't even remember the last time i was actually happy. im so sad. i can't even get out of bed to work im so drained. so much has happend in the last past 3 years and i think its made me insane. i really need help but i don't know where to begin without them putting me in a ward or putting me on some weird anti depressaint. i also have developed a fear of getting out of the house. i just rather stay here and riot. i don't like being around people. i don't see how they can be so comfortble around complete strangers.everyday i feel like its my last. sometimes i hope ill die in my sleep. i know there is something wrong with me. i just wish i knew what and where to start to be happy and have all my self insteam back. thanks for reading this. hope you reply and save my life.

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    I have found that "Dogdazed" is very wise, and I can't add a thing to what she said except that she is right.

    You are in a profound depression and, speaking from experience, you cannot pull yourself out of it by yourself.
    My cousin has agorophobia (fear of leaving the house, interacting with strangers, etc), I have severe depression, so do some of my kids. It's nothing to be ashamed of and it's not your fault. It's not anything you did, it's just a nasty trick your mind and body are playing on you. You are not alone at all - so many people feel as you do. My cousin once said to me "I don't want to die, I just want something to live for".

    When you get some compassionate help from the Hotline counselors (many who have suffered themselves) and back on your feet, you can start deciding what that something will be for you. But right now, make the call and then let them help you. Antidepressants are not weird, the ones they have nowdays are very efficient, they work well and they save and change lives.

    If you don't know what you'd say to the counselor on the Hot Line, just read them the letter you just posted here. I think that says it all.

    Keep your chin up, help is only a phone call away.

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    First please,SEEK HELP ASAP, just as the others here posted. Secondly,
    I have to say you are not alone.
    When I was younger, a few hundred years ago! I never thought I fit in, I was sad since I was a little kid. I was so shy, ugly, or so I thought, most people can relate to this story. Most of my life was sad. I use to pray for something to happen to me as well. I speak from experience. I had messed up my life so bad by the time I became a woman, I thought I would never be able to start over fresh. Purity, listen to me, We as humans have NO IDEA literally what our true purpose in life is for, Only the Good Lord knows. Purity, pray for him to show you what your purpose is in life. We all need that drive that keeps us going, and fills that gap in our soul. I prayed for months, some years ago for my purpose, and he woke me up bigtime. I loved helping people that were just as "down and out" as I was.I am currently a caregiver, and back in school pursuing my RN degree. I love to help the terminally ill and Alzheimer's patients. Purity, seek help first and right away. If you could realize that so many people have felt like you. Doing this alone is not possible, reach out for help. I did as well years ago.
    I personally found out that when I help other people who really need me, and are so happy that I help them, I get such joy in my heart, nothing in life makes me happier. Pray Purity for your purpose after you get going and make those phone calls... You really have no idea how much you could help someone just by your experiences in life, or just by pure love, Love Iggy
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    ...just because they're depressed. You have to be a danger to yourself or to someone else. And when I say a danger to yourself, I don't just mean killing yourself or harming yourself, I also mean going weeks without a bath, not being able to eat at all, etc.

    If you seek help, what will probably happen is you will be given some names and numbers of some of your local health agencies. It will be up to you to call and make an app't. If you go to the app't you'll talk to a counselor. If you need meds right away, you might be able to get an app't with a psychiatrist right away, too. Some places require that you see their staff therapist first and then get a recommendation from her/him.

    There is nothing wrong with taking antidepressants. Being profoundly depressed is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. There is actually a real physical cause for your depression. Antidepressants fix what is wrong in that part of your brain that isn't working good enough, or they'll at least you help you make your life much more manageable. There is no shame in seeking help for this. If you had a broken arm, you'd go get a cast for that, right? If you had diabetes, you'd seek help for that as well.

    Please don't allow yourself to continue to feel such deep horrible pain. There is help out there for you! All you have to do is accept that help and then you can move on to a much better life. And yes, you'll be able to smile just like they do in the reality shows ; )

    Please let us know what you decide to do. And post often, there are wonderful people here that will listen to you and who will try to help you all that they can.
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    You may feel like we are nagging you now, but we are so concerned for you. Many of us have depression, and may have made the life choice that taking anti-depressants give a quality of life that does not exist without them.

    My depression was so bad that I spent six months attending the day hospital at the local mental health unit. Far from being a frightening place, I was welcomed, treated far better than anyone outside had done in a long time, and was accepted for the person I had become, rather than the person others thought I should be.

    I had space to talk, to think, to play, to meet people who wanted nothing more from me than my friendship. And when I didn't want to join in they gave me space to make my own decisions.

    That six months was a turning point in my illness, and I came to terms with a lot of things, and life began to have hope again. In fact, in the next year I began teaching adults, moved 200 miles to do a degree and for the first time in my life I was free to create myself again, because no-one, unless I told them, knew anything of me prior to the day I moved.

    I'm not saying you will be that drastic, but Purity, you must talk to someone. Trust them to help you, they will be there for you. It is more than a job for them, it is often their way of giving back to the system that helped them in the first place.

    Much love
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  7. Mikie

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    Sweetie, these illnesses are enough to make anyone depressed. The problem is that if you do not get help, you can develop other problems like agoraphobia. If this is not addressed, you will not want to leave home at all and your world will become smaller and smaller. This is not at all healthy. You need to get some professional help. If you are against medication of any kind, therapy by itself may well help you. If you do not get some help, it will just get worse.

    You have taken the first step toward help by confiding in us here and you have been given some good advice. Please find some help and then let us know how you are doing. We care.

    Love, Mikie
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    just a few words I love you whether or not you love yourself. I have enough love for the both of us right now. email me and lets talk your much stronger than you think you have already taken the first step. it gets easier now. this is what sisters are for support. just ask and you will recieve. i'll be waiting.
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    Sometimes things seem really grim, but there is always help. You have people that care about you. Are you affiliated with any church? If so, get help there also to help you cope. The more you isolate yourself, the worse it will be. Please get help.
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    well i called the local hotline and talked to a few operators that was very nice and recommended me to a therapist in my home town. my appointment is thursday. i really am greatful for all the support all of you guys have given me each and everyone of one ha truly helped me make that big step, which for other people would of been small. sorry such a short message but i have to go to work.
    god bless and i will try and leave another message as soon as i can.
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    Hi Purity, welcome to the board. I missed your first post, was probably not here.

    But am so glad you took these wonderful peoples advice. They are the greatest here for sure.

    Please let us know how you are doing.

    One thing I would like to mention, happiness comes in small doses, no one is happy all the time.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Find a good doctor or friend and talk. You are depressed and believe me there is medicine out there to help you. You took your first step by reaching out on this board keep talking till you find someone who will listen to your cries for help. You are not alone. We all have been this low one time or another.
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    I should have scanned down and read all the posts first but am so glad to hear you have reached out. We are here and will talk when needed or if you just want to vent it helps.
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    Hi Purity,
    You are severely depressed and you need to ask for help.Please call your doctor or a crisis line.Even a hospital to ask where you should start.You do not need to suffer like you are.I have been where you are and know the fear,sadness,and horible thoughts.I also did not want the antidepressants.I had to trust someone and let them help me.Please make one call or tell someone you trust how you are feeling.I understand your pain-really!Hang in there and be good to yourself. Lana56