Please!!!! Someone help with scar tissue!!!!

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  1. LadyCaskey

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    HEllo all,
    Quick question for someone.........

    Does anyone know anything about scar tissue?
    I have a horizontal (bikini line) scar where I have had 4 repeat c-sections. My last one was 4 years ago.

    I notice from time to time that it bleeds. This has been happening for the last 6 months or so. Today it's pretty painful.......ANY ADVICE OR KNOWLEDGE GREATLY APPRECIATED!

  2. dd

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    Hi Stacie - You should call your doctor and have that checked out as soon as possible. I have never heard of a scar bleeding 4 years after the incision. I had a C-Section with my first son and have not had any problems like you describe. Do you feel pain or pressure?

    Hope you are better soon.


  3. kredca4

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    I hope by the time I have Posted this, you have already called your Dr. This is not normal, even for FMS and it's weird symptoms, this is one I have never heard of, and I do read a lot, and I have read post here for years, and that one is a first.

    So Please See your Dr.

    Not to scare you, but, my Sister has AS/FMS/OC/DDD/FMS.
    Her legs last month were all swollen and red, and she had Pulstiuls(?), they looked like blister's, but they aren't,
    All over her legs, below the knee. They were runny, and she avoided going to the Dr. Kept saying she would, but then was treating her self with pouring Perxiode stight into the open wounds. Well she got them infected, by treating her slef, but thinking that this was just because she has Poor circulation in her leg's, which she does has, but when her feet turned Blue. She should have gone to the ER.

    Instead she waited, to see what would happen, so sure that it was just Water Retinion and the Poor Circ.
    They had to call the EMT's last week, now she's in the Hospital, and she's being transferred to a Convlasant Hosp. while they treat her with IV's.
    She has Cellitius, has had it in the past and left it untreated, one in awhile she'd go to the Dr. and get some antibotic;s, but then be back on her feet, and not giving Her body a chance.

    Please do not put this off, I'm of the school of thought, that if it's a New Symptom, get it checked out, then you'll know, and can proceed with treatment that's gonna Help not hurt.

    At first I thought you wanted advise on how to hide or reduce scar tissue, I was going to Suggest some MSM Lotion, I used that on my Many Scar's, and they have reduced in apperance, and the one on my stomach from a GalldBladder surgery was Huge, but it's flat now instead of having a welt look.
    But this is a different Problem all togeather.
    Hope to see a Post from you on what the Problem was.

    God Bless You
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  4. fibrorebel

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    I have scar in the same place from 2 c-sect. and a hystro.
    and though it remained tender for over a year. I never experienced your symptoms. Just as a matter of caution, I would go get it checked out as everyone has suggested. We all have a tendency to blow off symptoms and such because of our extensive illness...but when we notice something new we really need to be checked out. Keep us posted on how you are doing, ok? love, Rebel